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Casement windows



Сased windows are a great choice for any home that can provide you and your family with ventilation and lots of fresh air. They are traditional casement structures that are used both for apartments and houses. The structure is based on a frame, on which plastic sashes are hung. The design of the fittings makes it possible to open them fully or to choose a ventilation mode. It is possible to install different types of units, which provides improved energy savings.

If you are looking for a large window for your home that is easy to open and close, beautiful and convenient window casements of this type may be the right option for you. They have side hinges and open to the left or right. Products that our Best Exterior company offers are easy to open and close thanks to their rotary handle and excellent fittings.

The main advantages

If you are looking for a casement window air conditioner, it is a good choice. Such products are commonly used in places where maximum ventilation is required, such as a kitchen or bathroom. They can also be installed next to the kitchen sink to make opening and closing easier. Besides, they are often used in living rooms and solariums as they provide an unobstructed view of the street.

When choosing which windows are best to select for any room, be it a living room, balcony, or kitchen, you need to pay attention to all the pros and cons. Their main advantages of systems of this type include the following characteristics:

  • a high level of thermal insulation;
  • improved sound insulation;
  • possibility of opening in ventilation mode.

Installation of such a product on the balcony or loggia allows you to create an additional room in the apartment, subject to high-quality insulation of the balcony slab. You can consider the option of combining the balcony with the room, which is also great.

The disadvantage of such windows casings is their high weight. They place significant stress on the basement. Therefore, the decision on the possibility of choosing them can be made only after assessing the condition of your home, its oldness, etc. In some cases, additional work to strengthen the slab may be required. In addition, such products are a little bit more expensive than other systems. Another drawback is that when we open the window, it takes up useful space. For small balconies, this can be a significant disadvantage.

Where are they used?

It is possible to use such windows in different places, it depends on the purpose of using the space and on the technical parameters.

If you need to insulate yourself as much as possible in order to get a full-fledged additional space in an apartment or combine a balcony with a living room, then keep in mind that only this type of window gives this opportunity. Moreover, they must provide a high level of energy saving.

If the task is not to maximize insulation, but you simply need to get a space protected from rain and snow, dust, wind, then there is no point in installing expensive and heavy structures of this type. For such cases, sliding systems are quite suitable, which will save usable space and will not create excessive load.

So, consider all the pros and cons before choosing windows casements.

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