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What Golf Equipment Actually Gives You An Advantage On The Course



Golf is hard. There is no way around it. Luckily for us, there is plenty of golf equipment designed to make the game easier!

Golf brands have fantastic marketing departments that promise us pro-like performance after buying their products. But we’re more critical than that.

How does equipment actually give you an advantage on the golf course? And what equipment works best?

We’ve looked at some of the things you can put in your bag that actually give you an advantage on the golf course.

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Forgiving Clubs

The times when you swung your Niblick (9-iron) at the Feathery (Golf ball) and hoped for the best are long over.

Modern technology has massively improved the performance of golf clubs on miss-hits. This means you’ll get the ball off the ground even if you don’t strike it pure.

Things like perimeter weighting, a lower center of gravity, and CNC milled club faces all add to the forgiveness of golf drivers and irons.

But you can go further than just looking at the equipment in your bag. By seeking the help of a professional, you can get a custom club fitting.

During such a process, you adjust the lie angle, shaft characteristics, and lengths, as well as grips on your club to offer you the best possible playing conditions.

We recommend a club fitting for players that have been in the game for a while since your swing is most likely to change from month to month when you’re just starting out.


You might know rangefinders from your hunting trip. They’re actually very common in golf as well!

They work by projecting a beam of light onto a reflective surface and returning it to the device. The device then measures the time it took for light to return and calculates the distance.

Modern rangefinders also account for slope, or even biometric pressure, to give you accurate distances to your target.

This helps you make the correct club choices on the golf course. But just because the flag is 150 yards away from you, it doesn’t mean you always want to hit a 7-iron.

Consider the lie, wind conditions, and whether or not the green is above or below you.

You can also use rangefinders to measure the distance to hazards on the golf course. Bunkers, lakes, the beginning of the fairway. All of that information can give you a real advantage when making decisions about your next shot.

GPS Watch

A more modern version of a rangefinder comes in the form of a GPS watch you wear on your wrist.

Modern GPS watches will give you a bunch of information about the golf course and hole you’re playing and track important information on your performance on the golf course.

These features can include:

  • Distance to the beginning, middle, and end of the green
  • Distance to hazards on the hole
  • Wind direction
  • Score

Many GPS watches also let you enter information about which clubs you’ve used for each shot. You’ll get your total club distances and not have to guess which club to hit on any particular shot.

The advantage of a golf watch is that you’ll use historical data about your performance to make better decisions on the golf course.

Besides that, you’ll also have a birds-eye view of the hole you’re playing and won’t have to guess how far you need to hit it, so you carry the bunker in front of you or stay short of it.

Golf Balls

There are hundreds of different golf balls, all designed to achieve a different outcome.

If you struggle with distance, you want to choose a harder golf ball that spins less. Less spin travels further and won’t be affected by wind.

To get the most out of your golf ball, you need to choose one that first your game.

If you have trouble creating enough spin, pick a softer one.

Golf Lessons

Now, I know this might sound boring, but getting lessons is undoubtedly the best way to gain an advantage on the golf course.

If you’re just getting started playing golf, we recommend you start with lessons right away.

A golf pro knows exactly how you can improve and learn the game without you getting into bad habits from the very beginning.

It’s harder to re-learn a golf swing. Do yourself a favor and invest in lessons.

One piece of advice; stay away from taking on swing tips from strangers on the driving range. Unless they’re certified pros, they are not qualified to teach you how to swing a club.

In most cases, their advice doesn’t actually help you much and instead does the opposite.

What to do next

If you’re struggling with the game or hit a plateau, try adding some of the equipment we’ve mentioned to your bag.

As a hobby golfer, the only reason we play golf is to have fun. We spend our hard-earned cash on golf clubs and green fees, so why not play with the gear that gives you the highest chances of scoring lower?

In the end, scoring lower and winning these Sunday matches with your buddies makes the game even more enjoyable!

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