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How To Take Charleston With You Wherever You Go



With a warm climate all year round, and an abundance of things to do, it’s no wonder Charleston is one of the most famous tourist spots in the whole of America. So, when one leaves the city, it’s only natural they are filled with an instant feeling of longing.

Whether you are a life-long resident, or just taking a day trip to this great place, here are some ways you can take the city with you wherever you go.

The Night Life

Charleston is famed for being a hub of excitement and entertainment. From unusual bars to casinos and even festivals, there’s so much to do when the sun sets in this South Carolina capital. The great thing about this city is there is a piece of nightlife for everyone’s taste, which is simple to replicate from anywhere. For example, if you are into the old English pub-style thing, then you can stick on the footie, grab yourself a pint of warm beer and reminisce over your conversations about the Queen.

Charleston has two casinos to choose from, which host more than 300 games and this is something that has moved online, too, with the boom in online casino. As well as being accessible from anywhere, the bonus of online casinos is that they come with a selection of offers that you don’t get with a land-based casino. As this article about new casinos at shows, it’s really easy to find bonuses and free spins whilst playing.

However, if you’re more into music festivals, then you can also create a playlist of your favorite Charleston bands and flick through festival photos on social media.

The Culture

This southern American city has an incredibly rich history and culture. So, there’s plenty to discover about Charleston through its many museums and art galleries. A great way to relive your time spent meandering around these places is through a virtual tour.

Fortunately, several museums around the city have turned their permanent tours into online ones, so they can be accessed by anybody at any time from anywhere. Like you can see on this page about current exhibitions at, you can learn about the evolution of whales as well as about the largest flying dinosaurs, amongst other things.

What’s more, because they are so accessible on your phone, you can keep going back to different Charleston exhibitions whenever you want.

The Food

Some specific Charleston/South Carolina delicacies can be recreated from anywhere, giving you a real taste of the region.

Whilst it might seem odd to the rest of the world, boiled peanuts, especially ones grown locally, are a staple in Charleston. The best way to make them is to boil them in salty water and peel them from their shell once cooled. They are so simple, yet so nice, and can be made from anywhere. When eating them, it will no doubt evoke memories of picking them up from roadside stands across the municipality.

If peanuts aren’t your thing, then another nutty Charleston classic is the delicious pecan pie. Like this recipe for classic pecan pie at shows, once you get it right, the effort is totally worth it and will certainly remind you of the time you spent in a South Carolina diner.

Whether you’re reliving the nightlife, revisiting the culture, or recreating the food, it’s so easy to take Charleston with you wherever you go.


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