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Do I need an attorney for my slip and fall accident?



More than tens of millions of people every day receive one or another fall injury due to many surfaces or due to other circumstances. Such seemingly harmless things can cause really serious and dangerous injuries. The cause of the incident can be many factors and the very floor on which the person slipped can be wet due to both negligence and accidental coincidence. It is these ambiguities in the interpretation of certain situations that have become premises for the emergence of this type of lawyer as slip and fall lawyer.

It is worth noting that not all incidents require contacting a specialist because in some situations it is not difficult to establish guilt for an incident and the victim himself can do it. An example of such a situation may be a small car accident in which one of the participants in a trembling movement broke the rules and thereby caused damage to property and human health.

In other situations, it is recommended that you seek help from the personal slip and fall attorney. There are several reasons why you will transfer your business to a specialist:

  • firstly, insurers and perpetrators of the accident will never take responsibility for causing harm to the owner of the property, if their guilt is not obvious;
  • secondly, the liability of the insurer to reduce the number of payments to the victim, which in turn leads to an incorrect assessment of the injuries or damage caused;
  • thirdly, a slip and fall accident lawyer can seriously help in finding evidence and drafting the compensation claim itself.

There are situations in which a good lawyer was able not only to obtain compensation for his client for the negligent behavior of the culprit but also to create a public outcry. This greatly helps in promoting the case, because with the correct presentation of information, the victim may receive tremendous support in the form of people who have been in similar situations.

In what situation can a lawyer establish that the victim himself is to blame?

Determining the blame for Slip and Fall is a complex process that requires collecting information from witnesses of the incident, sounding the place where the incident happened, and much more. All the details are analyzed by a lawyer to determine guilt for slipping and falling. For everything to go smoothly, the victim first of all should be completely honest and frank with his lawyer. The next step is to inspect the scene for deviations from the norm. For example, the victim could go down the stairs and step on the section, which is broken off or installed incorrectly. In such a situation, the blame lies with the organization that installed this staircase and on whose territory it is located. The blame can pass to the victim himself in such cases as:

  • sloppiness caused by the fact that a person was prevented by his things;
  • situations in which the subject was distracted by factors such as talking on the phone and did not notice the notification of repair work or slippery floor.

How much does slip and fall lawyer cost?

When contacting a law firm that deals with slip and fall issues, you have several options for cooperation. The first option is the so-called contingency case. In such a situation, a lawyer does not work for a predetermined amount to pay for his services. He works for royalties to be paid out of the insurance claim. This amount is always negotiated in advance and amounts to a certain percentage. If the case was not won and the compensation was not paid, then the lawyer will not receive his fee. The second way is cooperation in advance of the established amount, which will be paid not depending on the outcome of the claim.

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