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Charleston Culinary Tours Announces the Historic Supper Club along with New Headquarters



Charleston Culinary Tours announced that their new headquarters is at 46b State St., located in the French Quarter of downtown Charleston. Their new location is an old grocer’s building that dates from 1805.

Charleston Culinary Tours, in operation since 2011, will use this location for guests to congregate before they head out on the popular Downtown Tour, which is a 2 1/2 hour tour that visits several French Quarter restaurants and is also narrated by a licensed Charleston tour guide. The location also has retail items available, so guests can bring a little of Charleston home with them.

In addition to the walking tours, they’ve converted a more modern dining room into one that is more similar to one from 19th century Charleston, and they’ve partnered with Mike Hebb, Culinary Historian and Chef, to create the Historic Supper Club.

The Historic Supper Club serves authentic vintage receipts (called recipes today) in a 4-course tasting menu, with each course representing a different time period in Charleston history, with desserts covering all eras. Guests will be able to experience how cuisine in Charleston evolved from very European food, to what is what we call Lowcountry Cuisine today.

“It’s a lot of food, because we serve an entree in each of the first three courses, but it’s really neat to see guests’ responses as they taste different flavors they’re not used to that haven’t been used regularly for 150 to 250 years,” said Chef Hebb.

This sitting food tour is also fully narrated by a licensed Charleston tour guide as well. You’ll not only learn food history, but you’ll also get a glimpse into Charleston’s history, good and bad.

Guests will learn about: The walled city of Charlestowne; the Revolution; the Civil War; and Slavery and its lasting effects on Charleston culture.

Charleston Culinary Tours is booking its downtown tours 7 days a week. There are several other types of tours available as well. The Historic Supper Club is currently booking for Friday and Saturday nights, but private parties can be booked anytime and more openings will be available as the pandemic subsides. For more information or for booking, visit  or

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