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YouTube Stories: Success Tips from a Top YouTuber



Gone are the days when you just uploaded videos to your YouTube channel and wondered what will happen next. With the intense competition and ever-growing budding YouTubers, you can get caught in the act. Well, we don’t definitely want that to happen. Hence, we came up with this article that encompasses out-of-the-box strategies for acing the Stories section of YouTube. All these success tips are based on an organic approach and are incorporated by top YouTubers to reach the pinnacle. These are fail-proof methods that will provide more engagement on YouTube accounts and let you reach the growth potential you’ve always dreamed of. Kickstart your journey today and get more engagement on Youtube and wider reach on YouTube. Leverage these secret hacks for surpassing the competition on YouTube and become the leader of your industry.

YouTube Stories- A boon for marketers 

Well, just as Instagram or any other social network, YouTube has its share of features. Its groundbreaking algorithm can take you to great heights provided you understand it completely. Here’s some food for thought. It is a feature that clears the path for users to gain more views. Yeah, we are talking about YouTube Stories. Ever since its introduction in 2018, people took to Stories for sharing their experiences. Whether it is a product teaser or a brief intro/review, the feature has proved to be a gamechanger. Perhaps, the biggest factor for its survival is the global rate of smartphone penetration. Owing to the high number of smartphone users, this mobile-only content is ideal for users who always hold their phones. Nevertheless, Stories offer high visibility with its availability on the homepage, subscription feed, and individual videos. Take advantage of this feature to get more engagement on YouTube.

Now that you’ve caught a glimpse of this feature, let’s dive deep into the ocean of possibilities. An engagement-friendly strategy is all you need to keep your audience thrilled.

Best practice for YouTube Stories

Well, Stories have become the favorite place for individuals, businesses, and marketers alike. If you think you can take up the challenge of getting more subscribers on youtube in the next few days, you’re your best shot at Stories. For driving engagement, you can discover videos that have the highest audience retention spike. Accordingly, extract a 15-second part of that video and post it as an engaging story.

Use royalty free music

To grow on YouTube you will want to avoid any type of mistakes or notices that could harm your account. And one of the most common types of notices you can receive as a content creator is regarding the music you use. In this sense, we recommend you using royalty free music, which means that you pay a fee to have the right to use the music. There are many sites around that offer this type of music, but, just like with everything, they are not always the best quality. We use and recommend HookSounds royalty free music library, that not only includes music but also sound effects.

Live option and YouTube Stories 

Let’s explore the live option. Well, to be precise YouTube Live doesn’t favor Stories and leaves no option to publish them. However, going live itself has a competitive edge over other methods/techniques as it generates the interest of the viewers. Your audience can participate with the help of comments and this facilitates an opportunity for better interaction. Depending on the duration of a video, it can take some time to process. You are free to change the privacy settings and make the video public, unlisted, or member-only. Membership is a recently launched feature that offers loyalty badges to your users that become a part of it. You have to provide additional perks to your members for a specific monthly price. The best part about YouTube Stories and the live option is that both are independent of each other. This implies that the success or failure of one doesn’t affect the other. The ideal posting frequency for Stories is one per day. For best results, we recommend uploading a specific set of stories on a particular topic or theme that hooks   viewers.

YouTube Community Tab

If you have got 1000 followers, it’s time to build your YouTube Community. So, what makes this feature stand out from the crowd. Well, your loyal target audience deserves something big for their loyalty. Here are a few things that will allow you to develop a lasting relationship with them. These are bonuses, polls, and behind-the-scenes content that will provide you a wider reach on YouTube. Some of the advantages offered by the Community Tab include availability on desktop and mobile platforms. Apart from this, your videos remain forever published unless you delete them.


Let’s take a glance at what factors make the polls interesting and worthwhile. These mobile-friendly features garner huge attention of the folks and save time and effort. Users just have to click and choose their desired item. For better interaction with your audience, polls are an excellent way to get more subscribers. Hence, if you are seeking more engagement and wider reach on YouTube, polls are the way to go.

Behind-the-scenes content

Well, we as human beings tend to be curious. Hence, you have to understand your audience’s psychology and satisfy their hunger for more curiosity. Share the insides of your production facility or show how your products reach the different retail stores. This will not only improve engagement but also develop a sense of loyalty towards your business.

What’s more to follow? 

For unstoppable growth, you require a persistent and dedicated approach. We know some days might be hard, but the right strategy works for every business. Just like a perfect dish needs ultra-fine quality ingredients, a perfect YouTube video or story needs good content. Go ahead and take the stage because success is all yours.

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