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How much does it cost to move east coast to west coast



This article is about what it costs to move from the east coast to the west coast. One of the most common reasons people move from one region of the country to another is a job transfer or promotion. Still, more and more families are simply looking for better weather and lower cost-of-living expenses. Regardless of your reason, it would help if you were prepared to know how much it will cost before making any commitments.

Moving to the west coast from the east coast can be an expensive process. Many factors contribute to this, but you need to know what these costs will be before moving. This article discusses how much money moving from the east coast to the west coast can cost and provides some tips on saving money by being strategic with your relocation plans.

The cost of moving from the east coast to the west coast can vary depending on the service you use for moving. You can choose from the three available options that are do-it-yourself (DIY) to full-service companies, with “you pack, we drive” options falling between.

Do it yourself (DIY) move

A DIY move is the cheapest way to go. The average cost of DIY moving from east coast to west coast for someone who moves every three years would be around $650, assuming that they pack themselves and drive their car with U-Haul or other self-service company (note: if you don’t know how to pack yourself, this could lead to some added costs).

However, the main downside of doing a do it yourself (DIY) move is time; most people can’t afford months off work to complete such an undertaking independently.

Further, there are many risks involved with packing your items without professional assistance – not just what happens during the process but also after unpacking begins.

Hire Full Service Movers

This is the most expensive but also one of the easiest ways to go. The full service move includes moving your items from start to finish and coming out with no added fees.

The cost for a full-service move will vary by location (eastern vs. western), how many bedrooms you have in your home or apartment, and whether it’s an interstate or intrastate move. For example, if you move from east coast to west coast, then expect to pay around $12 000-$15 000 minimum as opposed to someone who lives on the west coast and is making an eastbound cross country transfer which might run anywhere between $5000-$8000.

You pack, we drive

Another option lies in between DIY move and hiring a full service moving company is to pack up your items yourself and then moving company to drive them to a destination for you. This type of move will usually cost less than a full-service one, but it can often take longer as more steps are involved.

One thing to keep in mind with this approach is that if any damage happens during transit, the company’s insurance probably won’t cover it since they weren’t technically handling things from start to finish – or at least not all of those aspects.

With some companies, you may also be asked to tip the hired helpers when they arrive, which could be upwards of $200 or more per room depending on how many people worked together packing everything up.

Which option is best for you?

A moving company with full service: If you have a lot of items to move and want help packing them up as well, then this might be your best bet. While it will cost more than the self-pack option, there are usually fewer steps involved, so it should take less time in general. With some companies, though, you may also need to tip the hired helpers when they arrive, which could be upwards of $200 or more per room depending on how many people worked together packing everything up.

Self pack: This is another option for those who want someone else to drive their belongings from one location to another without any assistance or interference along the way – other than likely having an occasional stop at storage facilities.

DIY Move: It is the most cost-effective way to move, but it also requires a lot of work. You will need to hire helpers to help you load and unload trucks which could cost upwards of $100-$200 per hour depending on the company – plus any additional costs for gas, toll taxes, or other expenses incurred during the process.

Additional Cost

The transportation cost is usually the highest part of moving. In addition to renting a truck and hiring movers, it’s also important to plan for gas money from traveling back and forth across the country. Unfortunately, many people find that they spend more than $2000 on their move by not considering these additional costs.


The cost of hiring a moving company may depend on which service you use. There are three types of moves that can be provided to customers in DIY, Full Service, or You pack we drive services. Which type suits your needs best? We hope this blog post has helped you make an informed decision about whether you should hire a professional mover for your next move!

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