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Are You Waking Up To Your Dreams During Your Time of Isolation?



Press Release

During this pandemic our relationships, careers, and health are being challenged. Due to our individual personalities, past experiences and current circumstances, we are acting and reacting to the current COVID-19 crisis in different ways. Thankfully, our dreams will give us a glimpse into our personal ways of coping with our emotions and life in general. Dreams bring to light emotions we have hidden even to ourselves. They show us past events and places in our life – reminding us of when we felt safe and secure.

Justina Lasley, dream expert and author of Wake Up to Your Dreams: Transform Your Relationships, Career and Health While You Sleep will show your audience how to touch in with their dreams, helping viewers to move beyond emotional challenges and improve ways in which they deal with their fears and anxieties during this time.

Even though we are in this together, we are facing it very much as individuals. Dreams always focus on the individual and allow us to see ourselves in ways we do not see in our waking life. This makes it an important time to connect with our wisest, most creative selves. Justina encourages others to express their dreams through sharing, drawing, and journaling. Sharing dreams is especially beneficial in understanding our children’s emotions and physical well-being. To learn more about dreams, visit

Invite Justina to answer common questions about their pandemic dreams and share her simple process of DreamSynergy™ so your audience can discover and access their wisest self to deal with their relationships, health, and careers in their sleep.

 She can discuss:

  • Why do I have nightmares?  How do I make them go away?!

  • Why do I want to remember my dreams?  How can they help me at this challenging time?

  • What are the benefits to remembering and recording my dreams?  Where do I begin?

  • How do I decode bizarre and complicated dreams?

About Justina

Justina Lasley, MA is Founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Dream Studies, an internationally recognized program that promotes the understanding and value of dreams. She is the author of several books on dreams, including Wake Up to Your Dreams: Transform Your Relationships, Career and Health While You Sleep and Honoring the Dream: A Handbook for Dream Group Leaders. Justina’s 30 years of study and practical experience make her an in-demand speaker, media guest, and dreamworker.  She enjoys life in the Lowdountry of SC.

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