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What Are the Types of Competitive Shooting?



Competitive shooting is a kind of sport that is recreational and involves activities such as speed shotgun, precision shooting, and tests for proficiency and accuracy. When it comes to sport shooting, people use portable firearms and air guns such as handguns, rifles, shotguns, bows, crossbows, and so on. Rather, the shooting should be done by hand, using firearms that someone can carry. Many shooting disciplines are involved in competitive activities. You will be interested to know that shooting is a competitive sport in the Olympics and other sporting organizations. For one to be efficient, accurate, and precise, they need to use vortex scopes or any other kind of scopes that is professionally manufactured for competitive shooting.

Disciplines of shooting are characterized by the kind of equipment used, the targets, the degree of athleticism involved and the time limit allowed. Remember, also that shooting competitions may involve team and individual competition.

Types of competitive shooting

More than 19 million Americans spend their time target shooting for fun as well as for competition purposes. These people use rifles, handguns, and shotguns for this purpose. Practice in shooting helps them become better competitors in shooting competitions. The competitions are in shotgun shooting, as well as pistol and rifle competition.

Shotgun competitive shooting

For shotgun shooting competitions, there are three categories of clay throwing. How the clay targets are thrown brings the difference in these three competitions.

  1.     Skeet shooting

Here, clay targets are fired from opposite directions. The shooter will show off their profile shooting skills. They can also develop shooting skills.

  1.     Trapshooting

In this case, the shooter throws clay targets in the direction they are facing. The shooter has a difficult set of targets because the trajectory of the clays varies and therefore, they have to develop instant decision-making skills.

  1.     Sporting clay shooting

This is normally a kind of mayhem. You will have clay targets pitched from different angles, speeds, and heights. Most of these targets are moving fast and the shooter has to be keen and fast in shooting them. There are clay target specific shooting ranges where you can practice this fast paced sport.

Pistol shooting events

  1.     Bullseye shooting

Pistols and rifles can be used for this event. Normally, for pistol shooters, this is a long-distance event. This is from a distance of 50 yards or more. The competition involves rapid and slow firing contests. The difficulty levels are increased by the use of a timer or by requiring participants to use a single hand instead of a double-hand-grip

  1.     IDPA shooting events

This action shooting event focuses on international guns and rules. It is a type of self-defense shooting situation. As much as possible, these events mimic real-life shooting situations.

Rifle-focused shooting

  1.     Silhouette shooting

In this rifle event, a small gauge rifle like the .22s will be used. Small steel targets set at various distances of 50 to 100 are used. The target can be set at various angles, heights and could also be moving. Sometimes there are high-power rifles used with over 1000-yard range targets.

  1.     Bench rest shooting

This is a very precise shooting competition. A front and rear rest are used to sit the rifles. These rests then sit on a table and shooters will aim at paper targets. Highly customized and modified rifles are used so that the shot can be as stable as possible.

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