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4 Best Ways to View Instagram Stories Anonymously



Instagram today is a common gathering point for all content. There are everyone’s favorite Stories that disappear after 24 hours, exciting posts, IGTV videos, live videos, Reels, etc. Users openly share the content they like as well as create their own too. It is possible for “secretive” users to create a private account and thus create their audience, who will see the posted content. But in any case, Instagram is about openness and the desire to share, create, and be inspired.

But what about anonymity? Is it possible to view Stories but still do it covertly? See below for reasons to be an anonymous Instagram viewer and why is it sometimes worth “peeping” into someone else’s account on Insta?

Why can anonymous viewing be helpful for you?

1. Browse a competitor’s content

In this case, anonymity would come in handy because why would your competitor know that you are spying on his/her posts, Stories, and other content? So you can analyze his/her content and make conclusions for improving your business strategy.

2. Browse the profiles that blocked you

It’s okay if you get blocked. Sometimes users do it on purpose, but not all is lost. So you can satisfy your interest in the life of your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend by being an anonymous Instagram viewer.

3. Explore Insta without having your own account

Sometimes it happens that you delete an account deliberately or Instagram blocks your account, and you don’t want to create another one, but you still want to continue following a particular user. Perhaps it will be your competitor or partner or any other user whose stories ig you are interested in. A good way to this is using Storiesig – ig story viewer. In any case, with today’s viewing tools, it’s possible to explore Instagram without having your profile. Another useful tool is InstaStories Viewer. If you want to take it a step further and save the story, you can look into the Instasaver – ig story download.

4. Explore more info about partners

It is an excellent way to get to know a little more about a person or company and understand what they do and what they are interested in. You can anonymously browse a potential partner to see if he/she is worth working with you or find out more about him or her as a person.

What are the ways to view Instagram Stories anonymously?

Let’s make it clear straight away that there are different ways to be a Stories anonymous Instagram viewer: through third-party applications or using some tricky techniques. Let’s look at all of them.

Method 1. Third-party applications

Among external tools, some should be installed (for example, Story Reposter for iPhone or Story Saver for Android); some are web-based that operate online (Insta-Stories, SmiHub, Instalkr, Gramvio, Stories IG, etc.). All the instruments are designed for viewing Stories anonymously.

There are also multi-features external tools (GreatFon, Picuki, Gramho, etc.) that also allow viewing profiles, tagged posts, and followers privately.

Method 2. Browser extension

This way of Instagram Stories viewing is a little longer as a web browser extension should be installed on a computer, and only after that, you may proceed to anonymous browsing. An example of such extensions is Chrome IG Story or StoriesWatcher for Firefox.

Method 3. The airplane mode feature

It’s a practical method to browse Stories and not get on the “Viewers” list. Airplane mode is an in-build feature both on iPhone and Android. The thing is that you refresh Insta news feed with the Internet and then turn on airplane mode to become offline and return to Insta to view content on this mode. Thus, you will view Stories offline, and therefore you will not appear in the “Viewers” list.

Method 4. Fake accounts

If you’re a stickler for tricky workarounds but not third-party apps, then this outdated but still effective way of viewing any profile information is worth considering.

Of course, it is not the quickest way to watch other user’s content, including Stories, as you need to create another Insta account. Recently, IG has been blocking fake accounts more and more. Fake accounts generally have a negative effect (often, the creators of fake accounts deliberately follow users, steal their data and harm their profile).

After account creating, don’t forget to publish posts, enlarge your “followers” list, and be active on Insta so that your account does not look suspicious. Do not forget that you shouldn’t post a photo or any content by which the user you are interested in can identify you. The primary function of this method is to create an account without giving yourself away.

Last words

I want to tell you that anonymous browsing has a downside. After all, stalking and data theft can damage a user’s psyche, harm user’s content, and of course, using someone else’s content for commercial purposes is a copyright violation. So respect users’ rights and don’t harm other accounts by being an anonymous Instagram viewer.

NB: we’d be pleased to receive your feedback on the Instagram Stories Viewer: feel free to write in the comments to tell us what you think of the tool. Your opinion is important to us.

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