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5 questions that you always wanted to ask about online casinos and their answers



In this article, you will find answers to the most popular questions that people ask about gambling. Hopefully, this information will make your casino experience more enjoyable.

Newbies who want to make the most of their gambling sessions ask a lot of questions about casinos. They want to know how to select a trustworthy gambling platform, what to do with bonuses and which casino software to download. In this article, you will find a list of the most popular questions and answers to them.

What is the best way to compare bonuses in different casinos?

You might check casino sites one by one and save the information about their welcome bonuses in an Excel file. But that would take you too much time and effort. Alternatively, you can visit a site that collects bonus data from licensed and credible gambling platforms — such as Casinos Analyzer There, you will be able to compare the conditions of multiple welcome packages quickly and conveniently.

What is so bad about unlicensed casinos?

They do not give any guarantees to their customers. When you play, you can not be sure that all the games are functioning as intended. Maybe, the team of the casino has fine-tuned their algorithms so that you can never win. If you win, you might fail to get the prize. If you share your private data with the platform, it might be used for nefarious purposes. Your first impression of an unlicensed casino might be positive. But soon, you will face troubles.

Licensed online casinos, on the contrary, are law-obedient and well-regulated. If they violate the law, they will lose their licenses and will not be able to operate anymore. Top gambling platforms collaborate with independent international organizations that audit casinos. They make sure that the games function as intended and customers have fair odds to win. All legal casinos ask their clients to verify their accounts — that is, submit to the administration copies of their personal documents. They encrypt their visitors’ private data with SSL certificates of the latest generation and keep it 100% confidential.

Where can I get a casino mobile app?

You should always download gambling apps only from the official website of the casinos that built them. Some sites would redirect the owners of Apple gadgets to the App Store. But it is impossible to install casino apps from Google Play Market because this platform does not support gambling-related content. There are three ways you can download the app from a casino site.

  1. Open the site in your mobile browser and push the Download button.
  2. Open the site in your desktop browser, take your smartphone and scan the QR code of the app.
  3. Open the site in your desktop browser, insert your phone number in the corresponding field and get the download link in an sms.

Please never download gambling apps from unknown sources because it might be malware in disguise. And of course, you should never pay for this type of software because casinos distribute their apps for free.

Which games are the most generous?

The ratio of funds that a game distributes among players is known as the RTP. The higher it is, the better. The RTP of the most generous games is over 95%. However, there are exceptions. For instance, the RTP of the legendary Mega Moolah slot is just 88% — but it has made several people millionaires (you can easily find their stories on the Internet).

Not all games contain huge prizes. In most casinos, there are special sections for slots that feature jackpots. Many platforms enable their clients to see the current sum of the jackpot. If it is small, it means that someone has recently won a large prize when playing this machine. The most generous slots are the ones that contain progressive jackpots. The sums of their prizes increase from one round to another.

Another important parameter is volatility. If it is low, it means the slot pays out prizes frequently — but the sums of the rewards are low. Machines with high volatility pay out prizes rarely — but the sums are big.

Is it better to gamble in a new or established casino?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Projects with a long history are more trustworthy. But new ones usually offer more lucrative conditions to their clients. The design of new casinos is more modern. To be able to compete with famous brands, they feature more generous welcome bonuses. They are more technologically advanced and often rely on gamification. Also, new casinos would normally be the first to purchase innovative entertainment — such as VR games, for example.


Hopefully, these recommendations came in handy and now you have a better understanding of the online gambling sphere. Mind that to be allowed to gamble legally, you need to come of age. The exact age depends on your country and region of permanent residence. Gamble responsibly and may luck be with you!

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