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The Best Learning and Educational Subreddits You Should Subscribe to in 2021



Education, as we knew it in the 20th century, has transformed significantly. Today, we get information without going outside, and libraries have become something archaic. The pace of modern life requires us to learn every day, every second we can. This is the world we live in and the rules we have to follow if we want to succeed.

Luckily, there are tons of online services to make learning easier. One of the most popular in the USA and English-speaking countries is Reddit. It is a huge platform that gathers talented, interesting, outstanding people to create exciting conversations and arguments thousands of users can participate in. Very busy students can buy essay or take express courses online. Though almost everything you’ll find on Reddit is educational in some way, there are specific communities aka subreddits that help users to learn with fun and no effort. If you don’t know what a subreddit is, visit

Here are the top seven learning and educational subreddits you should subscribe to in 2021 if you are at least a little bit ambitious.

1. r/NoStupidQuestions

Let’s start with the one anyone can join with a light heart. This subreddit encourages curiosity and never judges someone by the questions he asks. Here, you can ask anything and get proper treatment and an appropriate answer.

Anything is accepted. You can ask how to tie your shoes, or how to build a spaceship, and here someone will definitely provide you with the answers. This community is great for those who are too shy to join some serious academic community or, for example, didn’t get a chance to ask their professor something. Again, anything is well-accepted. Come here to close any of your knowledge gaps.

2. r/ExplainLikeImFive

It is a well-known fact that if a person is a real expert in something she can explain it in plain words that even a child understands. This is the place where such experts are gathered.

I adore this community for the approach they have for the users. No jokes, no laughing, just simple explanations so everything gets clear for those who want to learn.

Here, you’ll find questions like “how do birds stay in trees on a really windy day?” or “why does the first pancake in a batch always come out like garbage in terms of appearance?”. Everything you wanted to know but was too afraid to ask.

3. r/HowTo

This subreddit is created for those who want to learn something in practice. There are many places where you can get academic writing assistance, but here you can learn how to write brilliant essays independently.

There are many videos or images to not describe, but show how to do something. Also, here you’ll meet many talented people with the desire to improve. The most often guests here are designers, architects, painters, storytellers, and, certainly, usual loafers whose minds can’t stop wandering. Anyway, this place will benefit you either in your attempts to get better at something or in your casual conversation with mates and your daily routines.

4. r/IWantToLearn

This could be a fresh start for people who want to change their careers or students who want to become the best on the faculty in no time. Here you can find people who will teach you how to play the piano, program a computer, or crossbreed. Anything you can only imagine, and something you can’t. r/IWantToLearn is a subreddit where students regularly discuss essay writing services, to learn more about that visit in case you’re interested in getting or providing essay help to others.

Moreover, here, you can find advice on how to upgrade yourself and what to start with. Sometimes, this kind of “education” is even more valuable. It is easy enough to find the resources you can read and analyse. But often people lack determination. Come here to start changing your life with no delays.

5. r/OpenEd

It is a golden mine for learners and one of the most well-known Reddit communities that attract plenty of students and lifelong learners every day. Lectures, videos, tutorials, researches, inventions. All the sources that are available online are gathered here, in one place.

If you don’t want to miss something important going on in the genetic industry or want to be informed on the latest changes in articulating French sounds, here you’ll find the latest articles on the subjects. The various facts, theories, and discoveries are presented here.

6. r/Lectures

In 2021, we got used to education in video format. Thus, the information you’ll find in this subreddit will be even more useful for you. There are many video lectures on different subjects and issues.

You can say, I have YouTube, thanks. Sure, there are many videos, educational particularly, too. But on YouTube, you can’t discuss the info from the videos in such an academically precise and polite manner.

The videos published here provoke hot conversations which sometimes are even more interesting than the videos themselves. There are almost 100 thousand intelligent subscribers who have different views and can argue in a proper manner. Excellent place to improve your negotiating or communication skills and get a lot of interesting information presented in an untrite way.

7. r/AskScience

Yep, it is a large community with 20 million members. Perhaps, only the top procrastinators and little kids didn’t hear about it. It is famous, well-known and anyone has already subscribed to it. True, everything is true. And yet, we had to mention this subreddit in our list.

AskScience has been keeping its high positions for a long time. And it is no wonder why. Unlike some of the previous subreddits, this one is crafted for those who seek scientific evidence and explanations for any fact out there. And here they will get them for sure.

It is amazing how easy it is today to involve a real scientist into a conversation and ask him anything you want. Science becomes closer and closer to the ordinary person and we just can’t stop enjoying it.

Learning is the best way to keep feeling alive. It is an exercise for your mind, and if your body requires some action from you to get fit, for your mind it is enough to surf through platforms like Reddit.

Just don’t miss your chance to get educated doing nothing. It is real today.

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