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Top Eco-Friendly Ideas for a Greener Home



Any sort of home update these days usually has the environment in mind, as the world works to become a more sustainable and greener place. When it comes to an eco-friendly home, there are many things you can do to improve your lifestyle, from big home changes to the smallest alternatives in your everyday routine.

  • Go Eco-Friendly with Everything You Buy 

It can take time and research to find the best eco-friendly brands or eco-friendly versions of products you know and love in your home. However, once you’ve found green items you love, you can continue to use them on a regular basis and switch to a greener home, whether it’s through eco-friendly toiletries, fresh local food ingredients, or switching the plastic bottles in your home for recyclable alternatives.

  • Install Eco-Friendly Lightbulbs 

Not only do eco-friendly lightbulbs have the power to help the environment, but they can also help your wallet. Eco-friendly lightbulbs can last a lot longer and help to reduce energy bills compared to normal lightbulbs, so you’ll not only be going greener but also hopefully saving a little money on your energy bills, too.

  • Install Low Flow Water Systems 

Having low flow showers and taps in your bathroom and low flow taps in your kitchen can help to reduce water wastage and help your units to be more eco-friendly. Especially if you have a busy home with a large family, low flow systems can ensure less water waste all round for family members constantly having showers and baths. If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen or bathroom and want to introduce eco-friendly methods like this, then it’s a good idea to get design advice from companies like, too.

  • Make the Most of Your Garden 

If you have a garden that you’ve been neglecting, the potential there is great for greener methods. Looking after your garden means you can reap many eco-friendly benefits. These include:

  • Creating a happy home for local wildlife
  • Planting your own vegetables and herbs
  • Creating your own compost for food waste
  • Plant a tree if you have the space for it
  • Grow more flowers and plants
  • Think Differently About Your Washing Cycle 

Try to organize your washing loads is a better way to avoid needless cycles or half-loads. This way, you can reduce the impact on the environment and save money to run your washing machine. When you do need to do a wash or two, think about the most eco-friendly setting. Reduce your temperature if you don’t have a specific need for running at higher temperatures.

  • Always Recycle 

It’s an expected process for every household now, but making sure you’re properly recycling everything in the correct bins and reducing the waste you put into the main trash can help to care for the environment in the best way.

How Green is Your Home?

How many of these options have you already tried or willing to try? Simple changes like these can make for a happy and greener home without compromising on your day-to-day living.

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