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Ways To Improve Your Sex Drive



Sex drive is not a very new term, but there are still some inaccuracies in the understanding of it. This is a term through which we refer to the libido or otherwise said- how much do we need to have sex. Publicly, it is a very well-known fact that the low sex drive is an openly spoken problem. It has already been kind of solved in some cases. Men tend to use the easy way by watching porn videos like those at PornOne.

However, did you know that low sex drive is a thing that concerns women, too? I am sure that you will find it shocking, but a study shows that about 35% of women struggle with bad libido.  And even more surprisingly- a medication has not been invented yet! In contrast to men, women have to deal with this problem in a natural way and cannot take the pill-shortcut! Here are the most efficient ways to deal with this problem!

Feed your libido

Feeding your body properly is one of the most efficient ways to deal with low libido. One of the key points to have a great desire for a good fuck is to maintain your circulatory and cardiac system in proper condition.  AHA claims that you shall stick to fats, fiber, and seafood to maintain good shape and good bed experiences.  Vegetables with high levels of Vitamin C and fats are the best for your circulation of blood so that arousal gets pretty easy to come and maintain during intercourse. You may also try male enhancement supplements made from natural ingredients, like Semenax. These kinds of supplements can help you with lots of things in the bedroom.

You also might want to try some aphrodisiacs, but not in a pill, but from the grocery store. What really works as an aphrodisiac is food with high levels of zinc. The foods that belong to this group are oysters, crab, any seafood, and nuts. To make it work like a pro, you shall combine them with a piece of dark chocolate, coffee, or wine, which are healthy for you and are also drive boosters. A little help never killed nobody!

Fit it!

It is no secret that a low sex drive can be caused by a psychological reason. This is usually low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and generally, having a bad image of yourself in your head. It is also a fact that stress is also one of the most “noble” destroyers of your libido. I have a solution to the problem- SPORTS!

Working out has been a proven method for the last thirty years! It is not working directly, of course! You can get in shape, be more confident and heighten your self-esteem. This will naturally reflect on your own image of yourself, and it will definitely have a positive effect on other people’s perception of you! All eyes on you, right?

Also, working out will improve your breathing. While having sex, it is really important to have proper oxygen intake to make sure you are keeping your blood circulation as best as possible, and this will be a real guarantee for an easy and fast orgasm. Isn’t the pleasure awaiting you enough stimulus for you to start working out?

Always sleepy!

If the workouts do not seem to be the best choice for a solution to the problem, I have a better option. Sleep. The list of studies about it is endless, but I will summarize it for you. If you are not having good sleep in a sequence of 5 days, there is a high possibility that this does not affect only your mood, your levels of concentration, and your levels of stress and irritability, but it also affects you desire for having a good fuck.
Maths is easy: good sleep equals good fuck; bad sleep equals no need for fuck, but it does not really matter because who actually even wants to fuck a grinch… Sleep also improves our mood and we get to be more friendly and communicative, and this directly affects who we attach ourselves to.


Many people do not think of it, but when you have been with somebody for a long time, everything becomes a habit, and this is one of the most efficient libido killers. This is why we shall constantly keep trying to improve our relationship. Keeping the fire up is the way not to get bored and look for a company in another person’s pants! You can try some new hobbies together, or traveling, or cooking together… There are plenty of choices, and all you have to do is just start looking for the best option for you as a couple!

Start up with manners!

Did you know that when a woman is getting into intercourse, her brain and  nerve system are such that sexual tension is usually built in the beginning… even before the intercourse has even started? It sounds weird, but foreplay is not only important for women to lubricate and get in the mood.

This is the moment of the whole sexual experience when a woman puts up her imagination and starts wondering what she and her partner can do together. She is imagining the sensations she is going to have in like a minute or two. What about making it like half an hour. Teasing stimulates the imagination of a woman even more intensely. What a woman sees with eyes closed during the foreplay is usually what makes her more and more!

Although this is a problem not clearly stated, women struggle with low libido, too. It is a well-known idea, but “With eating, appetite comes”… So start trying my proven methods now! Results are only waiting to come!

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