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How to download Instagram content in different ways



Insta keeps growing as one of the most used social networks among all ages and locations. You are free to promote your brand, look for a hot client base, new like-minders, inspire by aesthetic images or fitness videos and entertain browsing amusing meme accounts. It has a great user base and can pride itself on a higher user engagement level than any other social media site.

With more than 1 billion active users, this platform enables all possibilities for sales growth and valuable content sharing with other users. Still, it has a significant drawback – there are no Insta tools for its content saving to your device. It makes sense, of course, as IG is interested in luring you and keeping you on the platform as long as possible to maintain active traffic. Still, sometimes it would be nice to upload a video/photo or even a Story in excellent quality on a secure folder or a gallery. But why save IG content?

Download Insta content to:

  • inspire your favorite video, Story, or image without log in every time to IG;
  • keep valuable info of your competitors on a trusted device;
  • to have a-round-a-clock access to favorite content;
  • post helpful info for your audience in other social networks (with content author tagging, of course);
  • enjoy watching stored video without internet connection but still in high quality.

So, I’m sure there’s one purpose among mentioned ones that you’ll need to save content for. But let’s stop babbling and get down to business. Read below about IG content saving methods and maybe, you’ll decide on an easy downloader Instagram: Insta video download tool, image saver, Story downloader, or a bulk downloader.

Three best ways of Insta content downloading

Downloading on the web

The advantage of downloading with these tools is that you don’t need to install them, and you don’t need to register either. They work online, which means you only need a good internet connection. Many of them are multifunctional, like Save-Insta, GramSave, DownloadGram that may save pictures, videos, Stories, etc. And some were developed for a narrower target like Instagram Photo Download, Download Insta videos, Story Downloader, StorySaver, Instagram Reels downloader. So there will be no problem identifying an easy downloader Instagram that will help you get all desired content.

By the way, you are free to download Instagram photos bulk, for example, a profile content of your adorable blogger/influencer, or save all the contents of your profile that you created for so long before deleting the IG account.

All web-based tools have the same download principle. The only difference is that you need to insert a username when downloading a story or profile, and a content address when downloading a photo or video.

Downloading steps:

  1. Copy an Insta picture/video link or a username whose Story/profile content you wish to upload.
  2. Open a downloading tool using a browser and insert the link or username into an entry window.
  3. Hit a download button and find the stored content in a default save folder or phone library.

Downloading with apps

Among easy downloaders Instagram, the safest savers for iPhones are considered a Story Saver for Me, a Reposter for Instagram (all content saving), Regrammer (images and video reposting/saving).

When it comes to Android, the choice is wider: A Photo & video downloader for Instagram (all kind of content saving), InsTake Downloader (all type of content saving), Saver Reposter For Instagram (pictures with videos), Regrann (images with videos), Quick Save (photos with videos).

All these apps are pretty versatile, so if you decide to get serious about saving Insta content to your phone, it is an excellent way to go. In any case, you need to install them and be prepared to sign up for some of them or pay for the pro version if you want to.

Downloading with built-in phone features

If you haven’t found an easy downloader Instagram among online tools and aren’t considering installing a particular app, a screenshot or screen recording may be just the right thing to do. But I should warn you that good quality with such methods is not expected, and screen recordings are not always convenient for frequent viewing.

How to make a screen recording:

  1. If you use an iPhone, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and select the “circles” icon  in the window that appears. If you use an Android, then pull down the notifications at the top of the screen and find the screen record button.
  2. Go to IG and pick out a video or Story.
  3. Return to a screen recording icon on the phone and hit it to start the recording.
  4. Switch to the video/Story on IG and play it.
  5. After the content ends, return to a screen recording icon and press it again to end the recording.
  6. Go to a gallery to find the stored video.

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