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Quick and Easy Tricks to Increase Instagram Followers



Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms not only for connecting people across the world but also for enhancing your business online. Nowadays, it is vital to make your brand’s presence on Instagram in order to showcase it and generate more leads. The authenticity of a brand page depends on the number of followers it has and the more the number of followers it has, the more engagement it will get.

There are several methods of gaining followers on Instagram but most of them do not generate organic leads. They might also charge you several bucks but that won’t help your brand reach real people and convert them into leads. That is why we have brought you some important and easy tips to increase your Instagram followers and reach more audience.

Top hacks for increasing Instagram followers

1. Optimize your Instagram account

Optimizing your Instagram account should be your priority before gaining followers on it.

  • Firstly, you need to make your account attractive and as user-friendly as possible. Put a username that is easy to search, mention a quality bio and some information about your brand.
  • If you own a website, attach a link to it too. If the people visiting your Instagram account like your products, they would like to visit your website for further process.

2. Post consistently

Brand owners on Instagram often complain about losing followers but they do not realize that posting inconsistently might harm their account. Post at least once a day, however, twice is recommended. This will keep your audience engaged in your content and won’t allow them to forget you. If you post once a week or in a month, your audience will get bored of you and unfollow you as soon as you post again. To post regularly, prepare your content in advance so that you don’t go even a single day without posting on your account.

3. Use hashtags

Using hashtags is not a wasteful thing, instead, it will allow your post to reach more audiences. Always use hashtags related to your content in the caption of your posts to help it reach people who are interested in the same kind of content. If your post will interest them, they would like to follow your account too, hence increasing your number of followers.

4. Post at a right time

People take the Instagram algorithm lightly but it is the only thing that will make or break your presence on Instagram. If you post at the right time, your post will reach more audience and have more engagement but if you post at the wrong moment, it will degrade your account reach. To know the best time for posting, track your Instagram analytics and decide a fixed and favourable time.

5. Avoid fake followers sellers and apps

There are several sellers on Instagram and apps that allow you to buy Instagram followers while charging a significant amount of money. Some people find spending money to gain followers easier than any other method and if you are also thinking to do the same, then be aware. They will give you ghost followers that will be useless for your brand page and will make your account less reachable. They will not help you to increase engagement on your Instagram but snatch the already existing one from it.

6. Connect with your audience regularly

Sometimes posting on your feed is not enough and you need to do a bit extra to keep your audience happy and engaged. The most common way of connecting with your audience is Instagram stories. You can post more things related to your brand on your stories. There are question and polling stickers too, that will help you create a bond with your audience, and keep them curious and interested in your account.

7. Showcase your account on other platforms

Showcasing your Instagram account to Instagram users is sufficient. However, if you want your account to reach people outside Instagram, then this hack will surely get the job done for you. Share information about your Instagram page on other social media platforms such as Twitter and facebook. Mention your account link in relevant answers on quora. You can also write blogs on your account and link your Instagram account with it. This will attract the audience to your account from several places and help in increasing your followers.

8. Use Instagram promotions

All the methods listed above will take time to gain followers on your account but if you want real followers in less time and want to increase engagement on Instagram, then using Instagram promotions is the most trustworthy method. It will charge you some amount to do so and help your post or story reach the audience that is interested in the same kind of content. You can also apply some filters regarding the audience that you want your post to be reached. The people who will like your content will visit your page and follow you, hence increasing your followers and engagement.

Gaining Instagram followers is important but not as complicated as it sounds. You can easily get more followers and engagement on your Instagram account by following the tips listed above. These hacks will help you gain an organic audience that will be truly interested in your content.

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