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Can we use a Simple laptop for gaming?



It all depends on which game you are playing. If you are willing to play heavy games, then you must go for a laptop that is specifically manufactured for gaming which we can say that a gaming laptop.

But if you are playing light games or old games, then a simple laptop can be used as a gaming laptop. But still, there are many things that you must consider while buying a laptop.

No matter that you are buying a gaming laptop or a simple laptop, you must need some specifications you must focus on.

We can upgrade to a simple laptop if we are willing to play heavy games. But if you are playing light games then there are no modifications needed.

We can say that modifying your laptop is needed and you can easily replace or upgrade the specifications if you want to do so.

Now we are going to discuss what type of simple laptops can be used as gaming laptops. Or what to replace for playing games on a simple laptop.

Go for a budget laptop

We discussed many times that gaming is not about spending much on a laptop. A simple or budget laptop can be used for gaming.

All you need is to focus on the requirements that are needed by your game and finalize your budget whether you are going for a simple laptop or a budget laptop.

When you go for a budget laptop, there must be some compromises on some specifications but there are some things or some features that cannot be ignored. Simply you can search on Google about the best gaming laptop under 300 dollars, and can easily read reviews on all available under budget gaming laptops.

Focus on CPU

Whenever you are going to buy a gaming laptop or even a simple laptop, you must go for a good CPU. All your gaming is dependent on the CPU so, you must choose it wisely.

If you have a good CPU in your simple laptop, then it can be used for gaming also but if you have a low CPU, then it must not be used for gaming.

All your laptop does is just develop a lag in your gaming so, having the best CPU is much important and cannot be declined.


No doubt some laptops come along with the best CPU even in your simple laptop, so we don’t need to upgrade or replace them.

Must have a graphics card

Many simple or normal laptops come with no graphics card. There can be the option of installing it aftermarket but manufacturers don’t offer it.

If you have a simple laptop and a graphics card is installed in this laptop, then gaming can be done using that laptop.

Then you don’t need to buy an expensive laptop or replace its specifications, you can go for this too. Many simple laptops have graphics cards, so you don’t need to spend any money on your laptop.

We recommend you use a Nvidia graphics card to make your gaming more interesting and enjoyable. Many games don’t require a graphics card and they can be runnable on a simple laptop with no graphics card.

Space matters in gaming

If we want to play a game then we must need to store it on our laptop. To store our favorite game on our laptop, we must need storage to do it.

If we have a low-space laptop, we cannot install more than one game or even we cannot download at least one.

We should focus on the storage space, so going for a spacious laptop is better than having a laptop that doesn’t have space then it makes no sense to use low space laptops for gaming.

You have a simple laptop and it has enough storage space then you can use your simple laptop as a gaming laptop.

It means you don’t need to spend thousands just for gaming, you can use your simple and favorite laptop.

We recommend 512GB storage for gaming but if you play many heavy games then you must go for 1TB storage.

Display and screen resolution

Many normal or simple laptops come along with the best and decent size display. This will help you clear all the visuals of your game.

But having a compact and a very large display will make some difficulties when you are playing games. If you use too much compact laptop then it will affect your eyesight.

And if you are using a very large display then it will decrease the portability of your laptop. So, considering the display size is very important.

The screen must be 4k if you want to make your games more interesting and clear. But having a comparatively low screen resolution can be fine.

It all depends on your usage and choice to take a wide display or to take a compact display. But we recommend you to go for a decent size screen and decent size means not too big or not too short.

Wrap up

We must go for the things which we can afford and never go for the things which we cannot afford. But it is in our hands to make anything affordable or not.

There are always two options that one is an expensive one and one is the budget one. We must go for the things that are under our budget.

The same goes for gaming and for gaming laptops too. If you are having some advanced specifications in your simple laptop then you must not buy a special laptop just for gaming.

We discussed all the important features and specifications that can decide whether you can use your simple laptop for gaming or not.

These all suggestions are recommended by the professionals and pro players. But it’s all your choice and pick the best device that can suit you.

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