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Local Governments Turn to AI-Powered Chat Technology Amid Pandemic



Press Release
Citibot, a Charleston-based company that provides interactive chat solutions for local governments, is experiencing increased adoption of its text and web chat technology as municipalities focus on delivering services in a digital environment.
“Making municipal services more accessible and enhancing the resident experience have long been goals of local government, and the pandemic has expedited this transformation—in part due to the funding available through the CARES Act as well as governments’ increased mandate to innovate faster,” said Citibot CEO and founder Bratton Riley. “We are proud to partner with these cities, towns and 311 centers as they face unprecedented demand for their services.”
Citibot created its AI-powered chat products to help municipalities communicate with and engage their residents in the most effective and accessible way possible. Using Citibot automated communication tools, including interactive Text Chat, Interactive Text Alerts and Web Chat, residents can easily connect with their local government to find relevant information, report an issue or ask a direct question to staff—all while getting an immediate response.
“Citibot emerged as a clear leader in our RFP process as their chat solutions are built exclusively for local government, by a team who understands our unique needs,” said Tod Kuntzelman, Development Process Improvement Manager with the City of Aurora. “We were fortunate to be able to leverage federal CARES Act funding to move forward on this important technology enhancement that will allow us to better serve our customers.”
The following municipalities have recently selected or implemented Citibot:
  • Orleans Parish Communication District selected and is in the process of deploying Citibot web and text chat solutions to enhance resident communication and meet increased demand for services.

  • Windsor Heights, Iowa recently deployed Citibot’s text chat solution, calledTextWH, to engage with residents through text messaging.

  • Aurora, Colorado selected Citibot web chat to enhance community engagement.

  • Brownsville, Texas implemented Citibot’s comprehensive solution for text and web chat and interactive text alerts to further build their BTX brand and increase interactive engagement with their community.

  • Capitol Heights, Maryland will use Citibot’s text chat and alerts, integrated with its GovQA system to connect with residents via text and streamline operations.

  • Wylie, Texas will deploy text and web chat to support community engagement and to improve its customer service.

  • Corinth, Texas will implement Citibot’s comprehensive solution for text and web chat and interactive text alerts to enable residents to communicate in their preferred channel and provide an enhanced resident service experience.

  • Menifee, California will use Citibot’s web and text chat solutions and interactive text alerts, branded Menifee Connect, to automate and scale customer service efforts and help more easily achieve solutions to residents’ everyday needs.

“In short order, we were able to deploy Citibot technology to mobilize 1,500 residents for vaccination,” said Felipe Romero, Director of Communications & Marketing with the City of Brownsville. “We simply couldn’t have done it without Citibot. With Citibot, we’re now able to better engage with our entire community.”
Based in Charleston, SC, Citibot LLC was formed in 2016 with a mission of making cities and counties accessible for all. Bratton Riley, Citibot’s founder and CEO, was inspired by the evolution of the conversational chatbot and its ability to help governments be more accessible and accountable to every citizen.
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