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How to choose the right personal trainer for your fitness needs



Having a personal trainer is the best asset one can have in their fitness journey. A good fitness trainer will not only keep you accountable, motivate you to work out regularly and ensure that you get consistent results, but also make sure you avoid injury and maximize your time. Personal trainers can be expensive though, and if you cannot afford one, you should still look into how to optimize your time at the gym by researching best practices from online training sites like However, if you are lucky enough to be able to afford one, you should make sure you choose the right person otherwise your money would be better thrown out the window.

Therefore, to determine if a personal trainer is the right fit for your needs, you should do your due diligence. As part of the diligence, consider the following criteria before selecting a personal trainer.

  1. The Trainer’s Professional Credentials.
    Do whet a trainer thoroughly before you hire their services. A trainer should have a fitness certification in their area of expertise. Certification means that your trainer has passed an exam through an accredited organization and meets the standards of professionalism and competence from a trustworthy organization.
  2. The Trainer’s Training Experience
    A trainer with experience is obviously in a better position to help you handle your problems. More experience means more practice which means that an experienced trainer is more likely to have a fine tuned system of operation. A newbie might be cheaper on the pocket but you would lose out on the quality you would get from someone who’s been through the mill.
  3. The Trainer’s Own Personality versus Yours
    Depending on what motivates you and what circumstances you thrive under, your trainer’s personality really matters. If you work better with positive motivation then you need someone who will act like your own personal cheerleader when you need it. However if you work better with a taskmaster or a drill sergeant who will scream and give you tough love when you slack off, you need someone who will give you that. Speak to any potential trainer and try to understand their personality and style to gauge if they would work well with you.
  4. The Trainer’s Specialty
    Each trainer has their own special brand of training that works best with people with a certain concern. Depending on what your specific goals are, your trainer could make or break you. If you are interested in getting fit to run a marathon, you need someone who specialises in track training, if you want to lose weight, you need someone who does that. You need a trainer who has the right expertise in the right area, according to your requirements.
  5. The Trainer’s Fees
    Cost is always a factor no matter how loaded you are. Depending on any trainer’s certifications, specialities, and where they operate out of, the cost of hiring them can vary and go up to hundreds of dollars. Keep your budget in consideration before you short list potential trainers. However if you can’t swing the budget to hire a trainer for one on one sessions, consider group sessions with a good trainer.
  6. The Trainer’s Location
    Depending on your own habits and schedule, where your trainer operates out of can affect your accessibility. Will you need to drive 45 minutes one way in traffic to reach them every day? Would you prefer someone who was within close distance of your home or workplace? Do you prefer a traditional gym setting, or a designer fitness studio, or the privacy of your own home? There are trainers available for every preference.

The notion of selecting a personal trainer can be daunting… or at least it should be because it is not a decision that can be taken lightly. Remember that the criteria we’ve discussed above are meant to be a general suggestion, they are not set down in stone. Your search for a personal trainer is just that… personal. Keep in mind that at the end of the day you will be working closely with the person you hire. Your personal trainer will help you achieve your goals in a comfortable, motivated and inspired manner and be with you throughout all aspects of the process.

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