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Which Are the Most Popular Online Bingo Variants?



The game of online bingo goes all the way back to the late eighteenth century and has been growing in popularity ever since. We have come a long way since it first appeared on British shores, with more and more people taking to the game online now than ever before, but which ones are the most popular to play? You have traditional 90-ball bingo where there are three prizes to win in each game, coverall 80-ball bingo with two prizes, 75-ball bingo in patterned – one prize per game and 5-line varieties as well as 21st century inventions. Speed bingo, bingo roulette, card-based bingo and even Deal or No Deal Bingo all have one thing in common – it is a gamble.

Now before you go ahead and choose one of the best bingo sites featured on BingoFind to try this favourite pastime, make sure you read our comprehensive guide on all the different variants, so you are more familiarized with the game in case you are a newbie.

90-Ball Variant

Each ticket is home to a total of 15 numbers spread across three lines. One line, two lines and a full house is awarded in each game. Modern inventions also see prizes being one on 1TG and 2TG features – players with 1 and 2 numbers on their ticket also win a prize. Other prizes include roll-on numbers where a set number of calls are pulled from the machine after the full house is won and this is a guarantee of more full house winners. This is the most popular type of bingo game to play.

80-Ball Variant

Also known as coverall, this popular game features 80 numbers and a board with four columns of four different colours. Column one is red with numbers 1 to 20, column two is yellow with numbers 21 to 40, column three is blue with number 41 to 60 and column four is white with the numbers 61 to 80. Each game produces a one-line winner (any line from one side to the other) and a full house.

75-Ball Variant

First up is pattern bingo. Each pattern 75-ball bingo game offers the one prize – a full house. To win, you simply need to match the pattern on screen. This variant is very popular on the other side of the pond. Five-line bingo or Swedish bingo as it is known, produces five prizes per game. In a similar style to that of 90-ball bingo, only this time you can achieve lines horizontally as well as diagonally.


This type of bingo game features 50 numbers and is usually played with just a full house, however, many online bingo operators offer a line prizes as well as the full house.


Less common of the bingo types is 40-ball bingo and can be found in Rainbow Riches Bingo and Emoji Bingo (on Mecca Bingo). The former delivers a line, full house and three community jackpots as well as a wishing well bonus while the latter awards a full house only.


Also known as speed bingo. These games are fast and furious with just the one prize – the full house.


The game of bingo is by far one of the favourite pastimes of older people, but the younger generation, including millennials, are beginning to realize that the close-knit community where everyone knows each other by a nickname, is a fun and enjoyable environment.

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