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Best CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety: Top 5 Picks



Anxiety in dogs is something that’s caused by both internal and external factors. It could be an underlying health condition that constantly makes your pet nervous and worried. Besides that, it could be the surrounding environment that promotes the feeling of uneasiness. However, you can now manage symptoms of anxiety in dogs using CBD treats. In this article, we will provide comprehensive overview of the best CBD dog treats for anxiety & provide recommendations on which product should you really consider purchasing.

Factors to Consider When Looking for CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety

The number of brands making CBD products for dogs keeps on increasing. So, you will definitely come across a wide range of products in the market. But like most pet parents, you have to be extremely careful with your selection.

The fact that the medical cannabis market isn’t regulated means that you should even be more cautious. You might think that you are enriching your pet’s life but you are, in fact, causing it more harm. So, what are the factors when looking for quality CBD dog treats for anxiety?


CBD dog treats mainly contain cannabinoids. However, some manufacturers usually add extra ingredients to enhance the ease of use of these products.

Look for products that contain all-natural ingredients. Research studies indicate that CBD dog treats with organic ingredients such as coconut oil have more potent benefits.

Avoid products that are made with artificial ingredients such as flavoring and other additives. Chemical fillers and other GMO-based ingredients significantly reduce the quality of the CBD product. Besides that, you should avoid products that come from inorganic sources. All CBD products that are byproducts of chemical cultivation involving pesticides and herbicides are harmful to your pet.


Natural ingredients matter but what about the strength of the product you want to buy? Well, potency refers to the strength and how powerful the CBD product is.

The type of product potency you choose depends on the severity of your dog’s anxiety. Understand that CBD dog treats with the highest potency aren’t necessarily the best. The vice-versa is also true.

If your pet is suffering from mild anxiety, then it’s right to choose a low- to medium-potency CBD dog treat product. In case the condition is severe, then dog treats with high levels of potency are usually the best.


High-quality CBD products aren’t usually up to bargains. They can be costly but in most cases, you will get the value for your money. However, all-natural and high-potency CBD products that are pure will significantly improve your pet’s wellness.

To find CBD dog treats that are pure, ensure that you buy the product from a reputable manufacturer. Choose a brand that normally produces organic CBD products since they are less likely to have contaminated dog treats.

5 Best CBD Dog Treats Brands

There is a competitive number of CBD products designed for dogs. However, there are those that have managed to easily stand out. After a comprehensive market research and analysis of different user reviews, here are our top 5 picks for the best CBD dog treats for anxiety.


Fab CBD is one of the topmost brands offering the highest quality CBD dog treats for anxiety. The Milwaukee-based company was established in 2017 with the goal of helping people and their pets attain their desired wellness goals. Even though it’s relatively new in the medical cannabis industries, its CBD products specially the one here is easily stand out. This is because they are made with high-quality extracts that produce extremely minimal side effects.

The effectiveness of these CBD dog treats for anxiety is unmatched. They are powerful, organic, and provide lasting effects on the body. The fact that the treats are made with broad-spectrum CBD hemp makes them even more suitable for use. This is because they don’t have trace amounts of psychoactive THC content.

Key Features

  • Soy-, wheat-, corn-, and dairy-free dog treats
  • Contain potent and effective broad-spectrum CBD that helps to significantly reduce the symptoms of anxiety.
  • Comes in three main flavors and one type of strength.
  • Non-psychoactive CBD with calming and relaxing effects on the body and mind.

Formulas & Flavors

Fab CBD dog treats come in three formulas and flavors:

Calm and Cool

Fab CBD Calm and Cool is made with the peanut butter apple. It’s ideal for dogs that struggle with stress and anxiety. It should be noted that while stress and anxiety mainly affect the dogs psychologically and emotionally, they can cause the immune system to weaken.

When the dog’s immune system is compromised, then it ends being susceptible to various dangerous health conditions. However, Calm and Cool CBD dog treats helps to keep your furry friends cool and collected.

  • The main components of the fun and tasty peanut butter apple-flavored dog treats include:
  • Chamomile: it helps to reduce stress levels and improve the functionality of the digestive system.
  • Passionflower: it assists the brain in creating a calming effect all over the body naturally.
  • Coconut oil: it’s one of the ingredients that’s mostly added to CBD products in order to increase their bioavailability. Coconut oil has anti-fungal, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties.
  • CBD: it helps to dog’s body to naturally maintain normal balance by enhancing overall wellness.

The other two products may help to ease anxiety in dogs indirectly. They include:

  • Skin and Coat – Salmon flavor
  • Active Immune – Chicken flavor


The right Fab CBD dog treats dosage depends on the severity of your dog’s anxiety and its weight. The manufacturer generally recommends ½ to 2 treats of CBD per day. To be precise, here is what Fab CVD recommends depending on the weight of your pet:

  • Under 10 lbs.- ½ a treat per day
  • Between 10 and 25 lbs. – 1 treat per day
  • Between 25 and 50 lbs. – 1.5 treats per day
  • Over 50 lbs.- 2 treats per day

Note: each CBD treat normally contains 3 mg CBD.


  • Highly effective and safe to use
  • Provides pets with lasting calming effects
  • Contain highly nutritious organic ingredients that promote overall wellness.


  • The CBD treats are quite expensive
  • The products easily sell out



Taking the second spot for the best CBD dog treats for anxiety is Holistapet. It’s a relatively new company that was opened at the start of 2016. Holistapet makes holistic CBD products for pets that found to be very effective and many consider them the best CBD dog treats for anxiety and stress.

This brand’s mission is to create all-natural solution for pets based on cannabidiol. With its stellar reputation, this is a brand that you can fully depend on.

Key Features

  • All-natural and allergen-free holistic cannabidiol products for pets
  • Different types of dog treats designed to cater to the overall wellness of the pet
  • Multiple flavors to choose from depending on the pet’s taste preferences
  • 5,10, or 20 mg of CBD per treat with a wide range of other beneficial ingredients.

Formulas & Flavors

Holistapet has one cbd products that is specially made for anxiety relief on your Dog

CBD Dog treats + stress and anxiety relief

It’s the customer’s favorite in the market since it helps to significantly reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety. This is an organic product that’s made with 100% natural ingredients including vegan-friendly plant extracts and superfoods. The peanut butter + apple-flavored CBD products for dogs consists of:

  • L-Theanine: it decreases anxiety and helps to promote stress relief and relaxation.
  • Chamomile: the organic extract calms stress and reduces nervousness and anxiety.
  • Hemp Seed Powder: It helps to reduce anxiety. Besides that, it has an extremely high nutritional value.
  • CBD Oil (Cannabidiol): it has organic components that promote overall wellness.

Other ingredients used to make this product include coconut oil, organic applesauce, molasses, Peanut Butter, Brown Rice Flour, and Cinnamon.


The company recommends 0.25 mg of CBD treats for pets if you want regular serving up to 0.5 mg of CBD for strong serving for every 1 lb. if the dog’s bodyweight. This means that if you want a regular serving and your dog weighs 40 lbs. then it will be 0.25 x 40 = 10 mg.

  • Regular serving: 0.25 mg per every lb. of the body weight, once to twice per day.
  • Strong serving: 0.5 mg per every lb. of the body weight, once or twice per day.


  • Specialized product for relieving dog’s anxiety level
  • The company pet supply have 25 years of experience in the field
  • All products made using organic and natural pure ingredients
  • Free shipping to all orders within USA


  • No Shipping outside of USA
  • Company’s website did not share 3rd party lab results


Medipets is one of the CBD companies that has been in the industry for almost a decade. It was first established in 2012 and since then it has grown to be a household name among pet owners who love CBD products. It has consistently worked over the last years to support and help pet owners to improve the overall wellness of their dogs.

Key Features

  • Organic hemp sources: the hemp products are made from organic hemp extracts and a superior manufacturing process is used to make the dog treats.
  • Multiple strength and flavor options: the organic dog treats come in multiple strength and flavor options to cater to the different needs of dogs.
  • 3rd-party lab reports: the manufacturer uses Evio Lab Company to carry out independent 3rd-party lab tests for its CBD products.

Formulas & Flavors

Medipets is one of the few brands that has a broad range of the best CBD dog treats for anxiety.

  • Wavy Bacon & Cheese Bites – chewy beef-flavored dog treats that are made with full-spectrum CBD. It’s ideal for an intermittent type of supplemental feeding.
  • Specialty dog biscuits – they feature the natural flavor of hemp and are made with high-quality CBD hemp oil. Ideal for rewarding pets for good behavior and settling their anxious moods.
  • Kabobs – the beef and chicken-flavored CBD dog treats are infused with full-spectrum CBD.
  • Meaty Steak Treats – it features real beef that’s infused with industrial hemp. Helps to quickly calm down nervous dogs.


The treats are dosed differently depending on the flavor. The manufacturer recommends that you give your pet 1-3 treats every 12 hours. However, you need to alter the amount and start with a smaller dose depending on your pet’s weight and the severity of its anxiety.

  • Wavy bacon and cheese bites – 10 mg CBD per treat
  • Specialty dog biscuits – 3 mg CBD per treat
  • Kabobs – 4 mg CBD per treat
  • Meaty Steak Treats – 5.5 mg CBD per treat


  • A wide range of flavor options to choose from
  • There are several potencies of CBD
  • The product is ideal for effectively managing the symptoms of anxiety
  • Organic with potent effects


  • It may result in drowsiness
  • The treats quickly dehydrate pets

Honest Paws

Honest paws is a company that started to develop its CBD pet products in 2017. The Puerto Rican company has grown over the last few years and has quickly become among the top contenders in the medical cannabis market.

Key Features

  • Organic CBD treats: Honest paws sells organic and non-GMO food product for dogs. A full-spectrum hemp oil extract is used to make sweet edibles.
  • Multiple types of CBD dog treats: you can find these pet-friendly CBD dog treats in chewy and crunchy varieties. This makes them ideal for pets with different needs and sizes including young pups and seniors.
  • Potent CBD Treats: each treat is infused with 5 mg CBD and this makes them ideal for treating severe and mild types of anxiety.

Formulas & Flavors

They include the following full-spectrum hemp products for your dog’s anxiety relief:

Calm Bites

They come in a package with approximately 30 bites per bag. Honest Paws calm bites provide an all-natural and holistic way to treat your pet’s anxiety. If you have a dog that gets nervous frequently or is constantly moving around, then Honest Paws Calm Bites may be the best solution for them.

The edible treats help to significantly lower the stress levels in your furry friends for long hours. The scrumptious peanut butter treats are made with the following ingredients:

  • Organic full-spectrum hemp oil: it potent, all-natural, and helps to cater to all aspects of wellness.
  • Organic barley: it’s a good source of soluble fiber as well as beta-glucans that help to lower the level of cholesterol in the body.
  • Organic oats: they are rich in fiber and help to improve the dog’s digestive system health. Organic oats also contain beta-glucans and as a result, help to lower the risk of cardiovascular ailments.
  • Organic peanut butter: it’s not only responsible for the treats’ delicious taste but also has excellent nutritional value.

Calm Soft Chews

They are also ideal for easing the symptoms of anxiety in dogs. What makes the calm soft chews effective is that they are made with naturally occurring hemp extract. The organic grade CBD product will make your dog happier, more relaxed, and healthier. The ingredients used to make the poultry-flavored treat, apart from full-spectrum hemp extract, include:

  • L-tryptophan: it’s an essential amino acid that helps to signal the serotonin brain chemical. Its, therefore, effective in regulating and controlling good moods and sleep.
  • L-theanine: it’s an organic source of amino acid that helps to ease anxiety and lower the levels of emotional stress in the body. It’s also effective in reducing the symptoms of insomnia.


For the calm chews and bites, the manufacturer recommends that you give your dog the following amount depending on weight:

  • Less than 25 lbs.- one CBD dog treat per day
  • 25-50 lbs. – 2 CBD dog treats per day
  • Over 50 lbs. – 3 dog treats per day


  • Organic, soy-free, and GMO-free CBD treats
  • Effectively manages the symptoms of anxiety and eases stress
  • Independent 3rd-party tests are available


  • May result in unwanted side effects.


Canna-Pet is a CBD brand that has been around since 2013. It has fully established itself as one of the best brands with quality CBD dog treats in the market. Its versatile and cost-effective CBD products are among the most sought-after.

Key Features

  • This brand has the best CBD dog treats for anxiety that offer value for money. what makes the CBD products outstanding are the following key features:
  • Consistent dosing: each biscuit usually contains a consistent amount of CBD hemp extract. This makes it easier to dose the dog treats compared to CBD oil.
  • Convenient for travel: if you want to travel or leave your home with your pet, then you can take these treats with you wherever you go. The CBD dog treats come in well-packed and resealable bags that make it easier to transport them.
  • Several strength and flavor options: different pets have their own unique needs. to cater to this, Canna-Pet CBD dog treats come in three different flavor options and two strengths

Canna-Pet is a brand that perfectly understands your dog’s wellness needs. Its CBD dog treats have been carefully and uniquely developed in collaboration with medical researchers, veterinarians, and scientists.

As a result, the brand has managed to create a wholesome blend of organic products that will effectively treat and manage your dog’s anxiety.

Formulas & Flavors

Canna-Pet dog treats are available in three main flavors, these include:

  • A blend of peanut, banana, and apple: hemp extract, organic peanut flour, organic barley flour, organic bananas, organic flaxseed, organic applesauce, and organic peanuts.
  • Turkey dinner: hemp extract, organic barley flour, organic sage, farm-raised turkey, organic cinnamon, organic carrots, and organic cranberries.
  • Maple bacon: hemp extract, organic barley, organic maple powder, cured bacon, and organic cinnamon.

All three flavors are delicious and organic. It should be noted that the banana, peanut, and apple flavor blend is vegan-friendly. This means that it helps to cater to the needs of those pets that mainly feed on vegan food varieties. It should be noted that all the flavor options are organic. This is because Canna-pet normally uses industrial hemp that comes from only licensed US suppliers.

According to Canna-Pet, each box of its biscuits usually contains 37-40 biscuits. So, each biscuit normally contains 2.4 mg of CBD with zero THC content.


According to the manufacturer, there are 4 main types of recommended servings. The servings have been classified depending on the dog’s weight range.

  • Dogs under 20 lbs.: 1 biscuit every 12 hours.
  • Dogs weighing 21-44 lbs.: 2 biscuits after every 12 hours.
  • Dogs weighing 45-95 lbs.: 3 biscuits after every 12 hours
  • Dogs weighing over 95 lbs.: 4 biscuits after every 12 hours.

Note: the bigger the dog in terms of weight, the more frequently you have to give these dog treats within a 12-hour period.


  • Consistent CBD dosing per biscuit
  • Ideal for use with your pet while on the move
  • Tasty, delicious, and non-GMO CBD dog treats
  • Helps to effectively manage the symptoms of anxiety


  • The brand isn’t clear where it specifically sources its CBD hemp extract
  • There isn’t any specific information regarding independent 3rd-party lab tests
  • The amount of CBD treats per package varies.


What is the Best CBD Dog Treat Dosage for Your Dog?

The truth is that there is no specific answer to this question. Each product usually comes with its own instructions depending on the manufacturer. Besides that, every dog has its own unique needs. You also need to understand that dogs can respond to similar CBD dog treats differently.

Because there is no universal dosage for CBD dog treats for dogs, there are factors that can be used to determine the right dosage. This includes the type of medical condition, the severity of the condition, age, sex, and weight among others.

Generally, weight is the most common factor that’s used to determine the right CBD dog treats dosage in dogs.  For a basic dose, dogs are usually given 0.25 mg of CBD per pound of their body weight. This is considered the general rule of thumb.

So, if your dog weighs 40 lbs., then you will give it 0.25 x 40 =10 mg of CBD dog treats.  For safety purposes, you can give it 5 mg treats twice per day.

Apart from that, don’t forget to check the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to administering the right dosage for dog treats. There are brands that will advise you to start with the smallest possible dosage and then increase the amount gradually. But this also depends on how your pet responds to dog treats. In some instances, you might actually be forced to gradually reduce the CBD you give your dog daily until you find what works for it.

How to Give Your Pet Dog Treats

Many pet owners want to give their furry friends cannabidiol products but they don’t know how to do it.  While treats are usually tasty and come in different flavors, it might be quite challenging to ensure that your dog takes full treats as required. So, how can you do it?

Direct oral application: if your pet is friendly and actually loves the flavor of the CBD product, then you can just give it directly. This is usually the most common way that pet owners used to administer CBD dog treats.

Mixing with food: some pets might easily get put off by the smell of CBD dog treats. For ease of administration, you can mix the CBD dog treat with wet food. In this case, it would be nice to start in smaller doses so that your pet won’t easily notice the change in its normal food. Once they get used to it, you can increase the dosage gradually as required.

Note: when giving your pet CBD dog treats, be gentle and understanding. Don’t try to squeeze the treats into your dog’s mouth or try to gag them since this is dangerous.

Possible Side Effects of Giving Your Pet Dog Treats

CBD is an organic compound that has a generally good safety profile. However, different dogs respond to it differently. It’s not 100% safe and might, therefore, result in unwanted side effects. The most common ones include:

  • Drowsiness: CBD dog treats are highly effective in promoting calm, a sense of focus, and a relaxed mood. After giving your pet its usual dose, you might notice that it tends to appear sleepy. This normally happens because the compound can lead to drowsiness that will consequentially affect your dog’s regular activities.
  • Dry mouth: the cannabinoid compound has the potential of interfering with the normal functioning of the salivary glands. It can lessen the production of saliva leading to the dry mouth effect. If you notice this, give your dog fresh water frequently.

The Bottom Line

The above-reviewed products are among the best dog treats for anxiety. These products contain CBD as well as a blend of other natural ingredients that help to calm the mind. Besides that, they work with the endocannabinoid system to promote overall wellness. Simply make sure that you choose a product with the right pote

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