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Essential Facts About The Madrid Open



Whenever it gets to the spring period, the energy in the atmosphere changes. This is because everyone is aware of what is coming-the Madrid Open. Here, you get to experience high-quality displays from top tennis players. Nobody wants to be left out of this exciting moment.

Here, Kate Richardson, our guest post expert, would be sharing with you unique insights about the incredible Madrid Open. The event kicked off in 2002 as an all-men’s event. After specific consideration, the organisers introduced the women’s aspect.

Interestingly, bettors now have an exciting sport to stake on. This is a plus for most punters. For instance, with the betika bonus, you can now place a bet on tennis games. Now, get ready for an exciting review. We understand that our thoughts are essential because most punters use them as a guide—more reason why we put in a lot of effort.

Facts About the Madrid Open

The Madrid open usually kicks off in the early days of May. This event started in 2002 as an all-men’s event. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic are men tennis players that have an impressive run in the Tournament. Serena Williams, Petra Kvitová, Simona Halep are names that dominated the women/’s category. Here are facts about the event:

  1. The event usually takes place on a red clay surface. In 2012, the management decided to try something new. They decided to make use of a blue surface instead of the usual red. This new step was not welcome by some tennis players initially. However, when the event was over, many players decided to boy court the event if the management continued with the blue surface.
  2. Roger Federer holds the record for the player who has won the Madrid Open on all surfaces. The Madrid Open, since its inception, has taken place on hard, blue, and red surfaces. Although the blue clay surface was just a one-time thing, Federer has the record of being the only Tennis player to win across all three surfaces.
  3. The Madrid Open is known to be the world’s first virtual Tournament. The event was for the first time played virtually. The organisers were able to persuade the players to engage in a virtual competition. This was in 2020 and as a result of the pandemic.
  4. Petra Kvitová, a tennis sports lady, has set the record for having the most titles in the women category. Although she wasn’t the first female to win the Tournament, she has been able to surpass her opponents. She has three Madrid Open to her name. Serena Williams, Simona Halep are two other ladies who come close by winning the Madrid Open twice.
  5. Rafael Nadal has the record for the most titles won in the men’s category. Previously, Boris Becker held the most titles. Rafael Nadal later overtook him in the title race.
  6. The Tournament has so far held in four different cities. Stockholm, Essen, Stuttgart, Madrid are four major cities where the Tournament has been held. Interestingly, the event now takes place in the city of Madrid. Hence, it is referred to as the Madrid Open.

Strategies That Would Help You Stake Good Bets on Madrid Open

Ideally, strategies are pretty important. Punters who have a massive conversion of their bets into wins deal based on specific techniques. Professional bettors have their set of rules that guide their betting. Newbies should also have these rules or strategies to guide them while betting on tennis matches.

Here, we would discuss some essential strategies that are pretty helpful to you placing more accurate bets:

  1. Research

Punters must value knowledge. Knowledge is vital to placing real bets. With the necessary experience, you can be sure your bets would turn out fine. You should know about the player you are betting for, what his or her game is like, and what record he or she has against a current opponent in the past. Generally, consider the head-to-head record of both players. With this information, you could predict what the match would look like.

2. Logical conclusions

Punters who lack emotional intelligence often end up disappointed. This is an essential strategy that ensures that you do not involve your emotions in placing your bets. For instance, if you’re are a fan of Rafael Nadal, it doesn’t mean you should always place bets in favour of Rafael Nadal.

3. Timing

Timing is an important strategy to consider when placing bets. A future bet is a great bet with high odds at the beginning of the season. While the season commences, the odds are reduced by the bookmakers. This is because we can now have an idea of who the winner would be. However, placing bets on time is vital if you want a nice payout.

4. Understand the various bets

Several bet types are available regarding tennis bets. These bets have their requirement. Knowing the exact wager to place is an excellent strategy to convert your bets to wins. Study each bet type to see the one you are comfortable with.

Conclusively, the Madrid Open is an important tournament that has evolved. It has become a significant aspect of tennis sports. Both men and women take part in it, and the fans get entertained by some action.

For punters, they can place a bet on the match at their preferred sportsbook. Bettors can also get entertained by some action while betting. It is also essential you search for a bookmaker offering fantastic odds and bonuses. You should also read the terms and conditions of each bonus offer. The betika bonus comes with several terms and conditions surrounding its usage.

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