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The Best Wooden Toys 2021



With such an extensive range of flashy and tech-savvy toys, people feel overwhelmed when they try to decide which plaything is better for their child. Most people make their choice based on the following criteria:

  • safety,

  • durability,

  • reasonable cost.

Plastic toys can’t address these needs. Besides containing toxic elements, they have a shorter life span. Consequently, parents spend considerable sums buying new products every time the old ones break down or shatter.

Alternatively, wooden rattles, teethers, building blocks, and a full range of other toys made from certified wood are eco-friendly and pose no risk to health whatsoever. Designed by using sturdy materials, such toys survive for decades, thus saving you money in the long run.

We have compiled a list of simple and beautiful wooden toys that contribute immensely to the child’s development.

Grimm’s Rainbow Tunnel

This classic Waldorf toy finds a myriad of uses. Its colorful arches can be transformed into bridges, towers, tunnels, cradles, boats, and more, thus letting children’s imagination run wild as they play with it.

Grimm’s Rainbow Bowls Sorting Game

Along with motor skills, the game is perfect for developing shape and color recognition. Players learn to sort colors by placing figures of different shapes in the bowls of the right color. To make the task more challenging, players can use tweezers to pick up figures and put them into the bowls, thus prompting hand-eye coordination.

Le Toy Van Alex’s Workbench

It encourages role-play and imagination development. Equipped with 12 accessories, the toy allows children to get an idea of how different tools can be utilized. It also assists in speech development in young children, especially when played by two players.

Le Toy Van 60 Building Blocks

All the pieces in the set are decorated with non-toxic paints and come in a variety of shapes. They can be used in a range of play scenarios fostering imagination and creativity in toddlers.

Manhattan Toy Magnetic Wood Stacker Rocket

Vibrantly colored wooden disks should be stacked atop one another, creating a space rocket. Young children can arrange the disks in any way they want, thus learning to recognize colors and manipulate items of different sizes.

Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic

Along with providing visual stimulation, this multi-purpose toy can be used both as a teether and a rattle, encouraging motor skills development. Additionally, small beads can move up and down along elastic cords, thus encouraging cause and effect learning.

Plan Toys Balancing Cactus

This is a fun game for teams of up to four players, fostering strategic skills development. The product includes pieces of different sizes that should be attached to each other in such a way that the whole thing doesn’t tumble over.

Plan Toys Beehives

In contrast to Grimm’s Rainbow bowls, Plan Toys takes the color sorting game to a whole new level. Besides practicing colors by placing bees in cells of the right color, children can also build different shapes using these cells, which stimulates imagination and critical thinking.

Besides these popular gifts, there is an array of products from wooden lacing toys to dollhouses and activity cubes that give off richer feelings and sensory experiences than their plastic counterparts. By buying wooden toys, we contribute to the reduction of the amount of plastic waste and provide children with better and more effective instruments for learning.

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