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4 Mobile Trends We Loved in 2020



In 2020 COVID19 created havoc. Lockdowns severely affected the Portuguese tourism industry, with tourist numbers down by at least 70% in the Algarve. To survive, casinos had to find other revenue streams. Recent changes in the law legalised online gambling. Trusted casino from , focused on offering their customers an online and mobile gambling platform.

Other mobile casinos followed suit. Online gambling in Portugal accounts for hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Portuguese government predicts this to increase year on year.

By incorporating the latest technological trends, the future of this lucrative online gaming industry is very bright.

The fact remains that entertainment giants such as traditional casinos have adapted to survive COVID travel restrictions. They moved online and made gaming sites mobile-friendly.

The mobile and online casino world is changing by the minute. Stay current by reading industry expert Martim Nobeiro’s (view his profile) latest articles.


In the past mobile phones, security have been a big issue for many users. The only security check available to users was through the use of passwords. Identity theft and personal data breaches were commonplace.

By removing distrust, confidence restored with the use of biometrics, such as:-

  • Voice Recognition
  • Facial recognition
  • Signature Recognition
  • On-screen finger or thumbprint

Smartphone trends for 2021 include security improvements as a priority.

n.b. a mobile trend is an app or a function many mobile phone users want or use on their devices.

Mobile Payment Options

Rapid advancements in mobile phone security mean that users trust mobile apps to make payments and bank winnings. Mobile gamblers can choose from a growing list of payment app service providers such as:

  • PayPal
  • High street bank apps
  • Google Pay

Device users can link personal bank debit or credit cards to their smartphones. The deployment of 5G cellular networks has increased line speed and reliability.

No more gaming time wasted waiting for accounts or funds transfer. Players can be in their homes under COVID lockdown and be able to play the latest games at their favourite casino on the Algarve.

Augmented Reality (AR)

By this, we mean taking something real and changing it. An excellent example of this would be taking a photograph on your mobile and then using the face filter on Snapchat to add butterflies or hearts.

Mobile phone trends 2021 are taking this to a new and exciting level. Inspired by the hugely popular and financially successful Pokemon Go, casino groups are busy designing similar games for mobile devices.

Perhaps we will see the Portuguese National Tourism Institute get together with the Solverde Group and invest in AR. By combining their considerable resources, they would be at the forefront of a new type of tourism.

A new AR game could take travellers to Lisbon’s historical sites or farms of the Guimaraes. We would be generating new users and income for the mobile gaming industry.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Star Trek, the cult science-fiction program, saw the starship, Enterprise, travel to all corners of the universe and beyond. Captain Kirk would ask the advice of an on-board computer, which gave verbal answers.

That was the idea that gave birth to present-day mobile apps such as Alexa or Google Assistant. AI means that yesterday’s wish list becomes today’s reality.

Developments such as voice recognition apps on mobile devices have meant that previously sight or physically challenged people can play casino online or mobile games.


We are living in challenging and transitional times. Mobile app trends in 2020 escalated advances in technology and artificial intelligence. We have made changes in our everyday lives.

Mobile phones are no longer something we use to chat or message friends and family. With the development of various apps, they have become our lifeline to the new world.

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