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Why a Heat Recovery System Could Save Your Business Money



It’s no secret that keeping a company afloat can be challenging. While you may focus on profit margins, it’s also possible to build your bottom line by reducing operating expenses. An increasingly popular solution is the installation of a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR) system.

In short, an MVHR unit recovers indoor heat that would otherwise go to waste. The system typically comprises a central exchanger connected to channels that extract moist, stale air before supplying clean, filtered air with the assistance of a blower fan. Along the way, heat is retained and either discharged or taken back inside depending on your needs.

So, what makes this suitable for offices, factories, storefronts, and warehouses? Here’s how heat recovery systems can save your business money.

Temperature Regulation

The main draw of an MVHR unit is often its energy efficiency. As we discussed above, the system works by removing still indoor air and replacing it with fresh outdoor air. This is beneficial throughout the year.

In summer, you can rely on your heat recovery system to provide a cool and clean breeze. In winter, it will continue bringing in air from outside while adding the retained heat rather than using extra power for warmth. This tends to cost less than heating systems such as boilers and furnaces.

You might even be able to cover the outlay of acquiring your MVHR soon after getting it up and running.


An MVHR unit takes as little as three days to fully install. You can also hire experts to work on the project outside of normal operating hours so that it doesn’t affect productivity. Plus, the total cost may be lower than alternative heating solutions as a quicker mounting process means less money spent on labour.

In addition to minimising downtime and installation costs, heat recovery systems are available in various configurations and form factors. The growing MVHR market is becoming increasingly competitive, with an ample range of suppliers and products to choose from.


Following the afore-mentioned point, there are countless heat recovery systems available today, which takes the hassle out of finding one that meets your specific requirements. If this ever proves difficult or you feel unsure, established local companies such as BPC Ventilation can assist with selecting, delivering, and installing the right system.

Of course, you can mount an MVHR unit almost anywhere. Whether it’s an entire storage facility or just your personal office, there’s bound to be an option that will do the job.

Humidity Removal

Another advantage of a heat recovery system is its ability to eliminate excessive and potentially harmful amounts of humidity from your premises. This is particularly useful in damp environments and buildings that are prone to mould.

By exchanging moisture for fresh air, you can stave off unsightly and harmful contaminants that would otherwise cost money to deal with. It’s also believed that clean air contributes to productivity in the workplace.

The reasons to use an MVHR system in your business are clear and compelling. Will you make the investment?

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