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Crumbl Cookies Serving Up Heavenly Bites In Summerville



Franchise Cookie & Ice Cream Shop Open In Azalea Square

Jeff Walker, Business Review

If heaven is much like the Garden of Eden, and God has confectionary shops sprinkled throughout, than it’s a good bet that Crumbl Cookies has stands waiting for us on the other side. With over a 100 potential flavors in their arsenal Crumbl Cookies recently threw open their doors in the Target anchored Azalea Square Shopping Center in Summerville.

Owned and operated by Sarah and Justin Robinson, and her parents Steve and Sandi Pittson. Crumbl Cookies is one of the fastest growing franchise in America. Since coming to light in 2017 Crumbl has opened over 75 locations in 11 states, with the Summerville location the first in the Charleston area, and the fourth South Carolina operation overall. Not bad for company started four years ago by two crazy cousins in Logan, Utah.

But enough about their origin and locations, the real reason you’re going to want to put Crumbl Cookies on your must ‘todo’ list is because their gourmet cookies are ‘freakin awesome’. A cornucopia of oversized daily, fresh made sweet treats that will satisfy even the average cookie lover.

I guarantee the Chilled Sugar Cookie with sweet almond frosting, and the Key Lime Pie complete with whipped cream and graham cracker crumbs will tempt the true southerner. Kids of all ages will crave the cereal infused Lucky Charms Cookie, a warm cookie with white chocolate chips topped with vanilla marshmallow frosting and oh yeah ‘Lucky Charms’. It’s Magically delicious!

Oh yeah, candy lovers will find the delight in the Snickers Cookie. Imagine the popular candy bar slathered in caramel buttercream, and drizzling with milk chocolate and sprinkled with chopped Snickers. It’s Candilicious!

Want to satisfy your dark chocolate fix, than try the Mint Brownie. It’s the cookie that eats like a brownie. A soft and crumbly warm chocolate sensation chuck full of semi-sweet and mint chips, glazed in mint chocolate, and drizzled in semi-sweet. It’s decadent chocolate overload!

With gourmet, made from scratch cookie offerings such as Raspberry Cheesecake and cool ice cream treats such as Salted Caramel and Lemon Poppyseed on the menu, it’s as though Crumbl Cookies was meant for the south. They may have a few signature flavors oozing with goodness, but their website says they rotate more than a hundred specialty flavors from week to week in their shops, where the customer can see the Crumbl Crew baking up a storm.

Their entire operation is uniquely designed and open for the customer to see. After each batch is blended and mixed to company standard, workers at the balling station roll them into to just the right amount, before they are ready to be baked. When they are removed from the oven, they move to the dressing (icing & topping) station where they drizzled and or decorated for further eye tempting appeal.

Those cookies that need to be cooled are placed in a chill box alongside their only beverages, ice cold 2% milk and chocolate milk. What goes with cookies better than milk? The answer if not a darn thing! Crumbl does offer up bottled water as well.

The overall concept is easy. Much like elves baking up cookies in a tree factory, the staff at Crumbl keep preparing newly made cookies all day long, so you the customer get the freshest sweet treats possible. Here’s the answer to your questions. Yes they offer catering. Yes they offer delivery and curbside pickup. What’s not to love about Crumbl Cookies? The answer to that question is nothing!

With 120 flavors of cookies, and their mad cookie scientists experimenting with more, there is something that will tickle the fancy of each and every cookie lover. While all may not be available week to week, oftentimes you can get your favorite while placing a catering order.

Want a short list of the plethora of flavor sensations available. How about Confetti Cake, Chilled Andes Mint, Butterfingers, Peanut Butter Nutella, Cinnamon Swirl, Chocolate Caramel, the Honey Graham Cracker, their version of an Oreo, and every southerners go to a Snickerdoodle. Want to surprise the family before your new bundle of joy arrives, try serving up a Pink or Blue Gender Reveal cookie at the baby shower.

Get Crumbl Cookies for a party, bring them to a client, surprise your office staff, or just reward your family. At $3 apiece they are well worth it, especially considering their size, and how much desserts cost at restaurants, and specialty cupcakes cost as well. Want to save $2, than get four for $10. Get a Party Size box (an even dozen) for an even $25. Mix and match to your delight. You can order online, or in the shop on a wall mounted tablet, or if you prefer a warm smile than order at the counter.

No matter how you get them they come in their own custom pink box with the company logo. Keep in mind Crumle Cookies eat like a angelic dessert. The more the merrier. The shop is open from 8:00 AM until 10:00 PM Monday through Thursday, and 8:00 AM until Midnight Friday and Saturday. Like Chick-Fila, Crumbl is closed on Sunday to give their baking crew time to rest, enjoy family, and celebrate God’s grace!

You’ll find the latest Crumbl Cookies in Azalea Square just down from Moe’s. For more on Crumbl Cookies in Summerville visit their website at

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