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The Introduction of Gambling Apps to the US Play Store Contributing to Online Casino Growth



The gaming industry has been growing tremendously over the past decade and online gambling companies are expected to see a new peak this year. Contributing to this achievement are a few factors, such as e-wallets and digital payment methods, improved partnerships between software providers and online platforms, and gambling apps being reintroduced into the Play Store of several countries. Behind all these changes though stays technology, which has molded and shaped the online casino industry into what it is today.

One of the biggest news stories this year for this industry has been the decision taken by Google to allow gambling apps in the Play Store. Android users in the US, together with 14 other countries, including Australia, Canada, and Norway, are now able to download gambling apps due to a change in policy. Players will be able to access a variety of apps, from online casinos and sports betting, to lotteries and daily fantasy sports. The change in restrictions will also help online gambling operators across the US to grow in size and offering.

The online casino industry has made it even easier for players from all 15 countries to choose the best provider for their needs with its online guides. Before choosing a platform, they can compare all the ones available in their country and go for the one that suits what they are looking for. One might have great welcome bonuses, while another might offer better payment methods. Everyone’s preference is different, so having a detailed list will allow players to easily find what they are looking for and have a fully immersive gambling experience.

Another important factor that is believed to have helped the gambling industry grow even further is the advancement in payment methods. Casinos provide customers with plenty of options when it comes to payments, ranging from traditional methods like credit and debit cards and wire transfers to modern methods like e-wallets. Apart from their obvious accessibility advantage, e-wallets have also significantly enhanced transaction security. Security and privacy are essential qualities of this industry, which providers try to improve on all the time.

Digital e-wallets have become extremely popular amongst customers, with the number of mobile wallet users growing by 140 million every year. The online gambling industry has been one of the first industries, from a business perspective, to embrace this technology. Consumer demand for simple and safe payment methods is high, and because online casinos have been open to change, they have managed to maximize profits. Embracing disruptive technologies is crucial to ensure success in the modern day, especially if operating online.

The fact that this industry used disruptive technologies to its advantage helped it explode in popularity, among other things. Seeing that smartphone usage is increasing at an incredibly high speed, operators have started investing in mobile app development. After making sure they were offering an immersive experience for all devices available, the industry moved onto technologies such as VR and AR. At the moment, online casinos are looking into ways to use AR and VR to achieve higher profits, as well as keeping players constantly on their toes.

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