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Starting Your Veterinary Practice? Here’s How to Begin Smart this 2021



Perhaps, you are one of those aspiring veterinarians who dream of opening their clinic doors and not just work as an associate to an established pet clinic. Or maybe you already are an associate but figured it’s time to venture out and build your own. No matter the reason, there’s no better time to get started with your vet practice than now.

As a result of the pandemic, we can see that almost all business owners are now rapidly shifting from the traditional to a more modern approach where the internet is utilized. This strategy paved the way for their businesses to gain more profit even in the midst of COVID-19 because people are slowly adapting to this new way of life.

While it is a known fact that starting a vet practice, or any business at that, can be quite challenging – with all the things you have to prepare, factors you need to consider, not to mention the money you’d have to spend while starting. However, it only takes careful planning and determination to make things work. And how do you do that?

Below is a list of things you’ll need to have to start smart with your veterinary practice this year.

Business Plan

When planning your business, you need to have a clear, specific, and organized business plan. This is where you set your vision; what kind of practice you want to operate? Structural needs and resources? Marketing plans? Funding sources? All these factors will ensure that your clinic is well-funded to remain open and, most especially, functional.

In general, your business plan serves as the core foundation and determines whether your clinic will survive the first year and then more years to come. Not having one is like going on a dangerous mission without the necessary equipment to aid you. Totally unadvisable.

Launch Team

Launching a start-up business also requires gathering your own team. Working with a solid group is just as important as making a detailed business plan because it could help you turn the plans into reality. Also, brainstorming with them could possibly generate more creative ideas and help you solve problems should they arise in the future.

As a trained medical professional, you might need to hire experts in other areas to help you successfully start your business. Your line-up can include a banker, accountant, attorney, real estate agent, architect, or interior designer. Some also secure the services of an office manager, a marketing professional, and a few other support staff.

Good Software

In order to manage your practice and client base, easily interact and engage with your patient’s owner, and even effectively attract potential customers, having a good veterinary practice management software might just do the trick.

With the latest gadgets and technology advancements, almost everyone prefers to do their transactions and communication online. Well, you can’t blame them anyway. With the convenience it brings, not to mention the ease of doing business it offers, it’s only natural for them to give a full-star review to businesses who use online tools.

Backing your vet practice with good software can be a brilliant strategy to improve customer service and grow your business without having to cost much.

Strategic Location

You also have to put careful thought into your clinic’s location and what it’s going to be, whether you will lease, buy, or operate out of an existing building (which is a likely candidate for a renovation) or build your facility from the ground up. Consulting with your real estate agent and architect/interior designer on matters like this is highly advisable.

On the other hand, if you still lack resources for a ‘stationary’ clinic, you can opt for a more affordable option like a mobile veterinary clinic. This can help you save tons on location expenses. Aside from affordability, a mobile clinic gives you the advantage of seeing the pets in their homes, allowing you to better examine how they normally behave.

Vet Materials

Well, how can you start your veterinary practice without the necessary equipment? The most basic materials you’re going to have to purchase will range from laboratory instruments, sterilization equipment, medications, examining tables down to cages, pet food, chew toys, shampoo, and other over-the-counter supplies.

Remember: a great doctor always chooses standard medical equipment as his/her most trusted partner. Hence, only buy items that are high in quality so that you can also offer optimal care to your pet patients. Furthermore, quality supplies also last longer, which can save you the bother of purchasing new items from time to time.

Marketing Strategy

One of the deciding factors in the success of launching your first veterinary practice is the amount of time, effort, including money, you’d invest in its promotion. When choosing a clinic name, make sure that it’s readable, understandable, and easy to remember. Although creativity adds brownie points, try to avoid using terms that most people can’t relate to (and not necessarily connected to your vet clinic).

Creating a signature logo can also be a good marketing technique, especially if you decide to advertise or put up a website in the future.


A lot of thought and planning indeed go into starting your veterinary practice, and the possibility of not being able to do well is scary. However, as long as you equip yourself with the basics, faithfully follow the code of good veterinary practice, coupled with determination and hard work, you will surely go a long way!

Just keep moving forward until you reach the dream.

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