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Reasons you might keep losing money when playing blackjack and how to avoid it



Most people choose to play blackjack for real money since it is supposed to be an easy game to beat the casino, for it has a low house edge compared to other games. However, it is not quite easy to beat the casino at a blackjack game. Many players struggle to collect winnings on a daily basis; even if they are actually winning, the profit starts to drain out as they continue playing.

If you are a recreational gambler and you are losing a lot of money while playing at online blackjack real money tables, there might be some basic reasons for this to happen.
In this article we will go through the possible reasons why the dealer keeps beating you and some advice to change things around.

Reasons why you may be losing

#1 Avoid checking the table rules
It is a common mistake to seat down at the first open seat available at any blackjack table
you spot. However, that is a huge mistake, since not all blackjack games have the same rules. Some of them have rules that favor the players, like the ones where the dealer must stand on soft 17; or when it is allowed to double down after splitting. Other blackjack games have rules that favor the house, like paying a blackjack 6 to 5, or restricting doubling to 10 or 11 only. The difference between the possible rules in a table may change your odds completely, and that is essential when you play blackjack for money.

Of course, the casino isn’t going to show you the way to these player-favorable tables with a special invitation; they don’t want you to sit at those tables. Therefore, you must check the rules of the table before sitting down to play. It is up to you if you want to have the odds on your favor and make some profit. Look out for the right table to gamble at.

#2 Ignoring basic strategy
Blackjack is a game of statistics, not a guessing game. You must not leave it to chance or luck (of course good luck is always necessary, but is not what the game depends on).
The best mathematicians have determined the mathematically correct play for every hand; this is known as the basic playing strategy. You can study this strategy by looking it up on books or the internet, it is everywhere. There are charts (known as cheat charts) that will show you the best way to play every hand, according to the cards you were dealt and the dealers cards.

So, there is only one correct way to play each hand, leaving aside what your gut is telling you, or if you have been winning or losing. You must play like a robot, leaving your emotions behind, and always play the correct basic strategy way. This is essential when you play at an online blackjack real money site, if you don’t embrace basic strategy you better choose a different game.

#3 Increasing your bet after a bad luck streak
Many inexperienced players believe that they have 50-50 chances of winning a hand of blackjack. Therefore, they think that after losing several hands they are due to win the next one since the odds must favor them once, and so they resolve to place a bigger bet. However, this is far from true. Losing several consecutive hands doesn´t increase your chances of winning the next one. The only time you must increase your bet in blackjack is when strategy tells you have the best hand and not when you think you are destined to win.

4# Avoid playing when you are tired or when you have consumed too much alcohol
It is essential to have a clear head while playing blackjack (or any other game) for real money since you have to use your brain constantly to make the right decisions. When you are tired you cannot think clearly, and drinking too much alcohol could cloud your thinking process, leading you to make every possible mistake. You better forget about drinking while playing, and you should always be well rested. The best online blackjack real money usa players always follow this two essential rules.

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