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Top 10 Tips for Purchasing an Engagement Ring



Greetings for your engagement from one of the most heartfelt corners of the universe! It Is glad to hear that you have found the right one to get engaged with.

The venue is booked and garbs have been stitched, but have you got the right ring? Yes, an engagement ring, the most essential part of this precious event that keeps your special day alive. You must have been struggling to find the right one which brought you here.

Now, you do not have to worry much because here is a quick guide for you. This is a collection of top 10 tips that will help you to buy the best engagement ring for your D-day.

  1.   Measure the Ring Size Carefully

Engagement rings are counted amongst the list of precious jewelry items. Hence, one always buys and keeps it with extra care. And, the first tip involved in the purchasing of an engagement ring is size.

Whether you are a groom buying a ring for his bride or the bride herself, size is important. Because the size of a ring decides how comfortably you can wear it.

  1. Decide the carat weight

If you are new to the jewelry market, then it’s time to learn about a special unit of diamond weight. For diamonds, we always use a unique weighing unit called carats. This factor is an essential characteristic that you will be asked about at every online jewelry store.

Carats are just a way of measuring the weight of diamonds. A 1-carat diamond simply weighs around 200 milligrams. Before buying any kind of jewelry, you need to choose the carat weight of your ring wisely. Because these numbers influence the price of diamonds also.

3.Pick a Perfect Cut

In analogous to the variety of clothes, the cut is a quality that defines the scintillation capacity of a diamond. Not all engagement rings that you see in the market look the same. This is because of their different diamond cut. Hence, you need to pick the perfect cut for your ring.

The available diamond-cut options comprise round, oval, princess, and marquise, cuts, etc. Choose wisely as these cuts have different rates too. It’s a much easier shopping experience if you seek advice from experts. Jewelers can help you buy unique jewelry pieces that fit your budget and preference. There is nothing more personal than a custom engagement ring.

4.Choose the Clarity

As we know, diamonds are extracted from the deep mines of earth. Due to the singularity of their occurrence, not all diamonds look alike. And, this is the point where a clarity grade comes into the picture. It is a measure of the number of blemishes and inclusions present in a diamond. You get to choose from multiple clarity grades such as IF, I2, VVS1, VVS2, etc.

5.Select the color of the diamond

Do not come in the honey traps of transparent diamond ring ads. Because not every diamond found on our planet is transparent. Many of the naturally occurring diamonds persist a fraction of color also. The GIA defines these attractive diamond colors in the form of a D-Z scale. Thus, you can easily choose the desired color for your engagement ring by referring to this color grade scale.

6.Find a Suitable Setting

The ring setting is a term used to define the manner in which a ring holds its diamond(s). From prongs to a bezel, every ring has a unique setting.

Some people like to have an enclosed and protective setting such as pave to keep the diamond secured. Whereas one might even like a unique and delicate setting such as tension to make their hands feel light and elegant.

Therefore, based on your requirements and styling options, you need to select a suitable ring setting that matches your personality.

7.Browse for the Best Designs

Every diamond ring that you come across might look better than the previous one. This puts many buyers in confusion about what design to pick. But, the solution to this complexity lies in the diversity itself.

You have to take advantage of the high number of options to pick the right design. It might take a certain amount of time to browse all these designs. But, in the end, it will all be worth it.

8.Ask for an Affordable Price

Special functions like engagement and wedding require heavy expenditure. And, you would not like to spend all your hard-earned money on a ring only. Thus, it is better to look for the most affordable deal.

Be it a sale or some special discount coupon, asking for an affordable price is never a bad idea. Spend your time searching for such options to make your ring shopping more economical.

9.Get a Diamond Certificate

Prestigious diamond institutes like GIA and AGS issue diamond certificates that state the 4Cs of a diamond precisely. These certificates are a way of authenticating the jewelry you buy. Hence, be it an online ring store or some nearby jewelry shop, always remember to ask for the diamond certificate.

  1. Learn to establish a fair trade-off

The numerous factors associated with an engagement ring affect both its appearance and price. E.g. a high carat diamond with a D color grade lies in the expensive category of rings. Whereas an I color diamond ring of VVS clarity might cost you less.

To make your engagement ring affordable, you must learn how to establish a fair trade-off. Based on your budget and requirements, mutual bargaining must be set up between various features of an engagement ring.


Experts advice always comes in handy when you are about to begin something new. This is why this top 10 engagement ring buying tips list exists for buyers like you. We hope it helped you realize the core aspects of buying a perfect ring. Moreover, we wish you the best engagement ring shopping journey to make your special ceremony remarkable!

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