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Tennis Betting Tips: The Secrets to Profitable Tennis Betting



Individual sports are among the most attractive to bet on. Bettors find it easier to analyze the actions of specific athletes than teams, which is why tennis is popular among tipsters. Tennis betting is also in demand due to the availability of specialized sports strategies that can be easily combined with financial game models.

In this article, you will learn about the peculiarities of betting on tennis, read useful tips, and also get acquainted with the best, according to, tennis betting strategies that will bring you profit.

Features of betting on tennis

If you look at how many wagers are made on each sport, you can understand that tennis is the second most popular after soccer. This game has its own characteristics:

  • Dependence on weather conditions. The cancellation of matches due to bad weather happens frequently in tennis, especially when we are talking about the tennis ground. Because of this, matches can be postponed for several hours or even a day. There were cases when a tournament was postponed to a later date. In this case, the bets were returned.
  • Regularity. Tennis matches are held daily, with the highest number of tournaments and games at the beginning of the week. Competitions start from the lower stages, the number of participants at these moments reaches the maximum. Therefore, the bettor has a choice for making a bet.
  • Comebacks. Tennis is one of the most unpredictable sports, so bettors who are well versed in it can find high odds in live. Comebacks are mostly found in women’s tennis, but they are not uncommon in men’s tennis either.
  • Simpler analysis. In tennis, you need to follow the performance of two specific players or pairs to understand how the game will play out. All you need is knowledge of how the participants in the match behave in different situations. Less time can be spent on analysis than on games in team sports, and this is an obvious advantage.

There are enough disadvantages in tennis, too. It is a long wait for matches, players’ refusals, extending duels for two or more days. But for the most part, it is a fast individual sport, convenient for betting, and that is why it is popular.

Individual sports do not differ from team sports in terms of the formation of the line and the list of games, therefore, we will not dwell on the types of bets.

Tips for players

Regardless of the sport or betting strategy, every player must remain cool in every situation. Keeping a cool head is one of the main qualities of a player. In tennis betting, the entire betting process will be based on the following:

  • Competent analytics;
  • Cold calculation and competent financial management;
  • Following strategies (optional);
  • Lack of a gambling component.

If your bets are based on these elements, they will provide you with long-term profits. There are tennis fans who place bets just for fun and to make it more interesting to watch the broadcasts of matches. But most bettors still try to make money on this sport. Therefore, all of the above factors should be taken into account.

Competent analytics assumes a thorough analysis of the upcoming game. The weather, the athletes’ shapes, the history of personal meetings, the latest news, all this information should be at the disposal of the bettor.

It is better to manage finances according to special strategies such as flat, fixed income and others (information about them can be found on the Internet). They will help you properly distribute funds and not go into the red after several failures.

Excitement will prevent the bettor from making an objective prediction. So, it is not recommended to bet on your favorite tennis players due to bias. But strategies should be discussed separately.

The Best Tennis Betting Strategies

Probably every bettor dreams of finding a working strategy that will regularly bring profit in tennis betting. Unfortunately, such tactics are unlikely to exist, otherwise, bookmakers would cease to exist. But we can recommend a few good strategies.

  • The Martingale system. According to this strategy, you need to bet on events with odds of 2.00 and increase the size of the bet by half after each loss, and if you win, return to the initial bet amount.
  • Shchukin’s strategy. The author of this unique system recommends placing bets on the winning of the tennis player receiving the serve. After two losses, the bet size should be increased by one unit – the size of the initial bet.
  • Breaks and break points. We recommend that more experienced players pay attention to this strategy. Briefly, its essence can be described as follows: bets on the victory of the favorite after the break point of the underdog.
  • The D’Alembert financial system. We set the minimum bet, it is also a unit, after which we place bets and increase the bet size by 1 unit in case of loss and decrease by 1 unit after a winning bet.

As you may have noticed, all of these strategies can be divided into two categories: versatile and tennis. The former are systems used for different sports. The second group is suitable only for the sport that we are talking about in this article.


Tennis is specific but easy to analyze. With the right financial strategy and a convenient betting game model, the game will bring good profit in the long run.

For betting, it is important to choose working strategies that have been proven over the years. In the absence of them, rely on a competent and thorough analysis of the match. Take your time with the bets. Analyze, watch games and, when you find certain trends, make a bet that confirms them.

Analytics, bank management and cold calculation will help you regularly make money with tennis bets.

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