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Butcher & Bee is Selling Their Popular Fermented Honey in Bottles for Home Use



Like most people in the hospitality field, the Butcher & Bee team found themselves searching for ways to expand their brand beyond their own four walls during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. One idea was to bottle a popular condiment – their fermented honey – and allow customers to experience the brand at home.

“The idea to make and bottle fermented honey was driven in large part by our customers,” Tara Pate, Butcher & Bee’s director of marketing, said. “We first featured our whipped feta dish topped with house made fermented honey in 2015 and since then it’s sort of taken on a life of its own, especially on social media. Anytime we post a photo of the dish on Instagram, people would go nuts. We wanted to give people the opportunity to recreate it at home, but finding fermented honey as a consumer was like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s not a condiment that is readily available on grocery shelves. So, we decided to bottle it.”

After six months of taste testing, tweaking, and perfecting, the team recently launched a fermented honey that’s made in the south with 100% of ingredients sourced in the south.

“Of course it tastes great on whipped feta, but it’s also delicious on fried chicken, cheese boards, turkey sandwiches, cocktails or even in a salad dressing,” Pate said.

For those who don’t know, Pate explained what exactly fermented honey is.

“First of all, it’s much more complex than a traditional honey,” shed said. “In our case we start with a raw and minimally processed honey from a farmer in Beaufort. Then, we add a tad of water to disrupt the ecosystem, which in turn allows healthy bacteria to enter the mix. Finally, we add the reduced liquid from cooking down fresh hot peppers. The result is a pleasantly funky, sweet heat glaze that you can put on just about anything.”

If you’d like to make Butcher & Bee’s Whipped Feta at home, follow the recipe below:

Ingredients: 4 oz feta, 4 oz cream cheese, fresh basil, Butcher & Bee Fermented Honey

1.) Whip by hand or with a stand mixer:

4 oz feta

4 oz cream cheese

2.) Fold in:

1 tablespoon finely chopped basil

3.) Top with a liberal amount of Butcher & Bee’s Fermented Honey

4.) Finish with salt and pepper to taste

Ship a bottle straight to your home via Butcher & Bee’s website.

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