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Artists Christie Younger & Jeff Erickson Unveil Two-Person Show at Principle Gallery



‘Violet Irises in White Bowl’ by Christie Younger, oil on canvas 48″ x 60″

Press Release

This special exhibition presents two new painting collections, one by contemporary impressionist Christie Younger and the other by contemporary abstract artist Jeff Erickson. This two-person show will be on exhibit March 5-31, 2021, at Principle Gallery in Charleston.

For Younger, the new works of over 15 paintings depicts floral still lives of her own creation. She uses texture and line to define form by sculpting oil paint with her palette knife and pencil while scratching away paint with various tools. Her paintings depict the contrast of simple vs. complex, order vs. chaos, and negative space vs. positive space.

Christie states: “As an up and coming artist, it’s hard not to feel a little intimidated and humbled when I am placed with so many established noteworthy artists. But just you wait… one day I WILL be one of the established noteworthy artists because I’m in it for the long haul.”

For Erickson, with also over 15 new works, he depicts abstract landscapes and seascapes that have a minimal and literal landscape element, while capturing and conveying the textures of life. He paints with oils and wax medium, on canvas, gessoed hardboard, and paper.

Jeff states: “I grew up traveling the world and living in faraway lands with my family. I visited museums across the world, and soaked in images of the landscapes I was fortunate enough to travel. My art developed out of these experiences, with an eye towards texture and abstraction.”

About Christie Younger

Christie Younger is an American artist who lives and works near Raleigh, North Carolina. Her paintings are collected internationally, shown in several acclaimed galleries across the Southeastern United States, and have been featured on national television. She has a diverse background and education in fine art along with biological science. This along with her love of nature brings to life her unique artistic perspective which ultimately is intended to convey light, beauty, and simplicity while simultaneously expressing the complexities within a subject finding balance between contradictions and beauty in imperfection.

She pushes this idea further by deconstructing her view into simpler elements and destroying the obvious while simultaneously including authentic moments to convey more elaborate ideas. She is intrigued with contrasting interactions; classic vs. modern, clarity vs. ambiguity, depth vs. shallowness, etc. All of these elements combined with her creativity and skill bring to life a painting that displays imperfect beauty in a very unique style. She finds the most freedom of expression through her floral still lives, botanicals, and the occasional landscape. However, not to place limits on herself, she at times enjoys experimentation with other subjects while working with several mediums and tools at a time.


About Jeff Erickson

Jeff Erickson knew at an early age, art would be a part of his life. His grandmother was an American Impressionist painter, and he would watch her create colorful brush strokes across the canvas.

He believes that the experience of painting is a great escape from the complexities of life, and he always finds himself creating an abstract scene of peacefulness, relaxation, and calmness. Erickson is drawn to water, the sea, the ocean, and these feelings show up in his abstract landscapes. Able to create multiple layers of translucent colors, and through the process of scratching, distressing, and dissolving, he’s able to capture depth and feeling within the painting. With each painting, he starts with no end game. Erickson allows the painting to develop and see where it leads him.


About Principle Gallery

Principle Gallery Charleston finds joy in sharing museum-quality works from established American and international artists within the realm of Contemporary and Classical Realism. The gallery invites you into its light-filled space for monthly shows featuring fresh, exciting work from many multi-faceted and diverse artists, along with national invitational shows, and curated events.

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