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Sports Translation and Its Importance



There is a huge diversity of sports nowadays, starting with ancient ones like wrestling or archery and ending with modern esports, which defy the traditional concept. Even briefly skimming through a comprehensive list of sports and games is enough to get an impression of the numerous established sports and ramifications. Many new titles appear and many others are continuously diversifying and evolving. Sports are currently a multi-billion-dollar industry that spans national borders and linguistic barriers. And when linguistic barriers need to be crossed, translators are indispensable.

Where Exactly Is Translation Required in Sports?

The sky is the limit when thinking about the types of content or circumstances in which translation might be required in sports. A few general examples include:

  • News coverage of sports events. Normally, sports events happen all the time. Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the entire sports industry, leading to lots of canceled sports events worldwide, disrupting many of the businesses related to these, but we all remember the good “old times”.
  • Promotion campaigns for international sports events. To attract more fans and viewers and to maximize profits, one needs to lure the audience in a language they understand, with carefully crafted promos that are exciting, humorous, well-targeted. This requires advertising agencies working along with translators who understand both the local language and the local people.
  • Localization of sports websites. Doing this is important to allow clubs and teams to connect with their fans, which benefits both parties. This is also an activity that might require not only linguistic knowledge but also cultural, social, historic, etc.
  • Transcriptions of audio and video content. Such content might include filmed games or events, podcasts, audio interviews with famous players or trainers. Compared to other jobs a translator could embrace in the field of sports, a transcriptionist job might be easier to secure due to less strict requirements. Even so, this still requires native-level language possession, great attention to detail, solid knowledge of grammar and punctuation.
  • Enabling communication within international sports organizations. Such organizations have national branches that speak a variety of languages, yet they still need to coordinate their actions, forge commonly agreed policies and plans, and communicate with the local public.
  • Interpreting at sports conferences or live events. It is indispensable for real-time communication between multiple parties that can’t understand each other. This is obviously one of the most demanding jobs for a sports translator, given that there is no time or room for mistakes.

Why Professional Translators Are Essential in Sports?

Each sport comes with its own jargon – it has an established terminology and a collection of linguistic shortcuts that is adopted primarily to make communication more efficient. Hence, translating sports content professionally should be delegated to competent and experienced agencies. Identifying such a company might be tricky, but IsAccurate can simplify this task greatly by offering visitors carefully assembled rankings of various translation services, with each scenario having a corresponding ranked list elaborated. Among the criteria used for generating these rankings are the industry, the type of service demanded, the language selection, customer feedback, location, etc.

Translation Plays Important Role in Sport

Sports was meant to bring people together – whether it is competitive or not, it should be primarily about fun and the fun is always greater when it is a collective activity. The effort of many people behind the curtains is essential to remove the barriers and bring us together and translators are no exception. Like with most other tasks, picking professionals is key, but fortunately, nowadays, this challenge can be approached efficiently avoiding futile trial and error cycles.


Michael has been doing content writing for several online platforms. He is often sharing his writing experience through articles targeted at novice content writers. Besides, Michael has completed numerous projects requiring in-depth research primarily in the field of marketing.

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