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4 Tips for Great Relaxation



It seems that recreation is easy, and there’s no need to learn how to do it. In fact, if you go to the movies or to a cafe, or play at 20Bet you’ve had a rest. Yet, for those who work or study a lot, a quality rest becomes a real problem. It is necessary to look through the poster, buy tickets in advance, spend money and go somewhere. It is easier to give up and watch a series. These tips will help you relax if you are a workaholic.

Force Yourself to Rest

The first danger awaits us in the evening of an ordinary day at work, when you no longer want anything. In order not to sit through an entire evening in the social networks, cut off in advance an escape route. Buy a concert ticket, promise your wife to go to a restaurant, bet with a friend that you will not miss a workout. And to avoid thinking on your tired head, right now do a simple exercise called “Evening Scenarios.” Divide the sheet into two columns. On the left, write down options for a typical dull evening: “watching Instagram Stories,” “sitting in front of the TV.” And on the right, think of good options: “taking a walk in your favorite park,” “going to a new exhibit,” “diving into the pool after a workout at the gym.”

Have a Semi-vacation

A great option for those who meet Friday in a squeezed-out lemon state. All you have to do is once a week to finish things off early for 1-2 hours, get out of the office and do one of the evening relaxation scenarios. Do something for which there is not enough time and energy in the evening: go to the movies, go to the water park or a concert. Qualitative rest in the middle of the week, the remaining working days you will have time for much more. For a semi-weekend, Wednesday evening is perfect.

Plan and Optimize Your Life for the Weekend

Planning a weekend getaway is a nice thing to do; it’s rarely a problem. But a mountain of chores is a real danger of ruining everything. After all, it’s the weekend when most of us are used to grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry and cooking.

Here are a few ways to clear the weekend of household chores or significantly reduce the time for these activities:

  • Make to-do lists, assign responsibilities and deadlines. It’s just like work. This will save a few hours.
  • Don’t save up chores for the weekend. For example, run the washing machine on Tuesday nights.
  • Delegate. the rest of the family, including children. Or to professionals, but for money.
  • Shop for groceries on weekdays. Remember the terrible lines and traffic jams on Sundays.
  • Use delivery services (food, household chemicals, pet supplies).

Alternate Between Vacationing and Switching

When on vacation, alternate between rest and switching. Rest is a passive scenario, such as lying on the beach and reading a book. Switching is an active option, giving vivid experiences: exploring landmarks, playing volleyball.

The most important switch should happen at the beginning of the vacation to switch from work. So, first we “pump” ourselves with switching, to knock out the work problems, then rest passively, and so alternate until the end of the vacation. Before you go to work, a passive rest of one or two days is mandatory. Otherwise you will go to work broken and unrested.

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