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Travel Around the Country: The List of Fabulous Places for a Honeymoon in Russia



If you want to spend a gorgeous fortnight with your loved one, a honeymoon in Russia would be your best choice. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque landscapes, breathe fresh air, and experience impressive nature together.

In our guide, you will see a list of the best places for a couple on a honeymoon. Some of them are popular destinations, but there are also places out of the tourist path. Let’s get into it and learn where pretty Russian brides can spend the best time during a loving journey.

The Most Desirable Places to Visit During a Honeymoon in Russia

If you have decided to spend this precious time with your fiancé in Russia, here are some beautiful places for you. You won’t regret visiting them on a honeymoon.

Moscow City

Nevertheless, the capital of the country is considered to be an industrial phenomenon, you can still find here something that is worth your attention. Moscow City is a complex of high skyscrapers. They are in the center of the city. The infrastructure, design, and service here are immaculate. You can choose the highest floor and wake up with a gorgeous view every day. It would be a great surprise for your lover. What are the benefits of visiting Moscow City?

  • You will experience the best views of the city.
  • The sunsets and sunrises are gorgeous.
  • You can shop there or visit the SPA.

Chara Sands Trip

Have you ever wanted to visit a desert? In Russia, you will find a small desert called Chara Sands. If you plan your honeymoon in summer, it is a perfect place for you. Beautiful creatures, impressive landscapes, and an amazing experience is waiting for you there. The atmosphere will make you fall in love again. Late spring or summer is the best time to visit the desert. You will be able to stay there in a hotel and enjoy the beauty of nature every day.

Perfect Weekend in Dimitrov

Why Dimitrov? The answer is clear. The city lets you experience an unforgettable journey on a balloon. A hot air balloon is a nice way to see the city, spend time together, and enjoy the moment with your partner. If you are fond of challenging or risky activities, this one will amaze you. Couples who have already tried the activity come for more impressions again. So, if you think of a good way to brighten up your honeymoon in Russia, trying a hot air balloon in summer is a great idea.

Cruise on Moscow River

If you want to see more beautiful and breathtaking places in the capital city of Russia, the cruise is a nice way to do it. Cruise is a journey that you will never forget. Why do couples choose the cruise during the honeymoon? While experiencing an immaculate service on the cruise ship, you will see impressive views of the city. Delicious food, fancy drinks, and your partner enjoying the journey is what you should expect from the river cruise.

Journey to Peterhof

Do you know what Russians call Peterhof? They call it Russian Versailles. And when you see the building you will get why they name it this way. It is an unforgettable experience to see Peterhof with your own eyes. The first thing you see is the fountains. They impress visitors from the first sight. It is a romantic place for the couple. If you want to make your journey even more appealing, visiting Peterhof is your best choice.

The Golden Ring Towel in Suzdal

If you want to enjoy the historical richness of the country, Suzdal is a must-see for you. You will like the place if you enjoy the history of the country. The place is far from Moscow but it’s worth your visit. You will have to overcome about 250 km to see the beauty of the Golden Ring Towel. The architecture is pompous. You will be able to visit old houses, breathe the atmosphere, and immerse yourself in ancient times. It is a great gift for your partner. You will listen to a guise telling interesting stories connected to the Towel. If you want to feel the atmosphere, even more, you can find the costumes and wear them during the excursion. You will enjoy looking through the photos from the Golden Ring Towel when celebrating your anniversary.

Time to Sum It Up

Russia has so many different places for tourists. These are the richest spots of the national culture. If you decide to spend your honeymoon in Russia, this list of destinations will leave a lasting impression on you.

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