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Opinion: Is America Becoming An Upside Down Universe



Is Hypocrisy Tearing Us Further Apart In This Country?

By: Jeff Walker, Opinion Writer

What kind of topsy-turvy country are we living in here in the United States of America. To the rest of the world we look foolish, and ready to implode. America has gone over the edge, where up is down and down is up. It’s as though we are living in an alternate universe. At what point in time will sane thinking Americans wake up and smell the coffee!

When did it become the norm to hate the police, to become un-patriotic, less Christian, and to provide more rights to foreigners than to hard working tax paying citizens born and raised here. Whether or not you embrace moral or Christian values, it is never acceptable to condone all that unfolded in 2020, and is happening today.

Let’s get it straight, racism and prejudice exist in America. That in itself is sad enough. But neither are rampant, and designed to one political party. There are racist democrats and racist republicans, but thankfully the percentages among both parties is a fraction of what a few would have you believe. Most people care about one another, and want to get along with their neighbors.

Among the 75 million people who voted for Trump in the last election, are people who are racist, and have extremist views. And among the 75 million that voted for Biden are those who harbor prejudice. Collectively the number is a small percentage of the population. Nonetheless, the haters need to be dealt with.

I and hundreds of millions in America wish that prejudice and bias didn’t exist, but as long as the Devil roams the earth, he will do everything in his power to cause us to be at odds with one another. Since no one has seen God, and the Bible says we are all made in His image, it’s clear that God is black, white, Asian, Hispanic, and every other color imaginable. We may look different on the outside, but we are all the same.

God doesn’t judge us by our skin color, education, wealth, social status, age, or gender. The only thing that will matter in the end is how we lived our lives, and if our names are written in the Lambs Book of Life. We will certainly be judged according to our sinful nature, but if we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ we will be granted eternal life.

I am incensed at where we’ve come in this country. Millions of people have let mainstream and social media, as well as celebrities form their way of thinking. How sad is that. It’s crazy how many distorted views we share on similar subjects. It’s clear identity politics is not the solution.

When a democrat politician says ‘get in their face’, or ‘we have to fight like hell’, how is that any different than when a republican says it? It’s not. To draw a difference is the meaning of hypocrisy! How is the mob outrage in Washington DC on January 6th any different than what unfolded in Seattle, Portland, and Chicago last year. It’s not.

When large crowds storm the capitol or other cities in America, causing harm and damage to property, it is the same scenario. Yet whether you side with democrats or republicans the view could be quite different, especially depending on who is putting the spin on the subject. Again that is hypocrisy, and bordering on stupidity!

It’s never okay to destroy or burn down someone’s business as we witnessed last summer. When a so-called peaceful protest becomes violent, then it has become a mob uprising, and it doesn’t matter who the participants are. And if educated people including elected officials don’t realize the comparison, one has to wonder if they are fit to serve.

Protesting is all well and fine. Standing up for causes that make sense, and for issues that promote civility are something we should all get behind. But when protests turn to violence and looting, then the people doing such have reduced themselves to common thugs. They are only hurting their community, which is what the Devil wants them to do.

It would be nice to extend a higher level of trust in our elected officials, but sadly that is deteriorating. What is that old joke ‘What do you call 100 politicians at the bottom of the ocean? Answer, ‘a good start’. I’m not sure when we lost hope in our leaders, but it’s become a circus in Washington DC with politicians only acting as clowns. Many politicians are no better than the extremists running amok in society.

We have real issues to deal with in America, and we will never overcome them if we are too busy berating each other. We should be judged on our merits and our abilities, and not assume every issue has to do with prejudice or racism. We need to move past this constant narrative.

If you didn’t get the job, or the position, it’s not always because of your sexual orientation, color, or gender. Sometimes it’s just because another person was more qualified. Let’s move past that narrative as well. We will never move forward as a society if we continue to beat each other up.

America is ready for a fall, and the rest of the world is watching. Take a hard look at what is happening around the country. People with little or no interest in your welfare are dictating your way of thinking. Whether they be tech billionaires, high profile celebrities, or whiny politicians, they all think they know what’s best for you. Stop the insanity.

If Biden ran on a campaign that lauded ‘Let’s Make America Great Again’, or ‘America First’, his fellow democrats would embrace it. But when the shoe is on the other foot, that solid advice or pro-America stance is considered rubbish from the mouth of a republican. This is hypocrisy. Let’s strive to be united, rather than divided in America.

Whether you believe in God, or have a shred of moral decency, why can’t we all just agree to disagree without all the outrage and chaos. We need to get along. The rest of the world is watching us unravel, destroy ourselves, and when we’ve reached rock bottom, our enemies are ready to swoop in and takeover.

I implore everyone to take stock, and reverse this horrible path were going down in this country! Stand up for ‘love thy neighbor’, even if you disagree in principle. Honest debate is better than bloodshed! May God bless the United States of America.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. elchupinazo

    February 16, 2021 at 10:20 am

    Hey this sucks real bad, thanks.

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