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Believers Or Not, Why Can’t We Just Get Along



No Matter Our Politics Or Our Skin Color We Need To Bond Together

By: Jeff Walker, Opinion Writer

True Christians, those who aspire to a relationship with Jesus Christ, and not just believe thru religion alone, those Christians are not separated by politics, skin color, education, sexual orientation, wealth, or secular religion. If they are, than they need to re-examine their relationship with the Savior. True Christians understand there are only two things God Almighty sees.

The Creator doesn’t judge us by how rich or poor or we are, how educated or uneducated we are, nor does he judge us by whether we are black or white, male or female, or young or old. God only understands saved and un-saved. When our time is over here on God’s green earth, whether by natural death or during the tribulation, the only thing that will matter is whether your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

The good Lord, who offers eternal life to all His creation, is just and merciful. He allows sinners to be born again, to have new life in Him through Jesus His son. When we stand before him, we will be held accountable for our actions and how we live our life during our time here. We can try to water down the Bible and the commandments God instructed us to adhere to accommodate our lifestyle, but that is futile.

With all the chaos happening in America due to politics and social unrest, it is insane (whether you’re Godly or not), that many are naive enough to drink the shameful Kool-Aid being doled out by liberals, ultra leftists, the far right, supremacists, and the Anti-American politicians (wolves in sheep’s clothing). I’m not suggesting conservative or right wingers have it all together. There is un-healthy extremism running rampant in both ranks.

Racism exists among democrats, republicans, and independents, however it is a small percentage. Most hard working blue collar Americans whether they are middle class or of lesser means, do not harbor racist ideals, such that they would inflict harm or mayhem on their fellow man. That also does not mean the same individuals are disconnected, or have no regard for all that is happening in society. They do.

At what point in Americana did it become okay to be anti-American, and to not care about one another. When did it become acceptable to be anti-military, anti-police, and anti-Christian. What is wrong with putting America First and Making America Great Again. Think hard on those two sayings. It’s time we put America First, because we have lots to deal with here. And what’s wrong with Making America Great Again. That principle benefits everyone.

I’ve said this for years. There are bad characters in every profession on earth. There are bad characters in politics, in the clergy, and in business. There are bad teachers, bad parents, bad police officers, and bad people in the military. There is no profession free from being tainted in some way, shape, or form. But their evilness has more to do with the Devil working on their behalf, than it does their own will. Don’t punish the profession based on a few evil doers.

Smart thinking people, ie those with a shred of common sense, don’t buy into all that the media, and especially the social media giants dish out. Most Americans no matter what political party they align with believe it’s time to put America First. They believe in protecting this country, and the sovereignty of this nation. Most Americans believe in civil liberties, and open and honest civil discourse.

Whether you are a true blue God fearing Bible believing Christian or not, most Americans genuinely care about one another. We care about the welfare of our communities, our neighbors, and the overall patriotic spirit birthed in America since we were founded more than two centuries ago. Most of us want to live in harmony with one another.

For decades America has been the leader in the natural world. We step up every time another country needs our help, and we are the first to do so. It’s time to stop our worldly benevolence, and focus on healing and improving the United States of America, before we become the Divided States of America. Our undoing is making us a laughing stock to the rest of the world, and making us vulnerable to countries that despise us.

We have become the caretaker for the rest of the world for way too long. It’s time we focused our energy here at home. We have real issues and real problems that need to be addressed. America is a welcoming country, but we need border security. When even a small fraction of bad people find their way to our country, it will hurt everyone of us.

If walls and fences are no good, why do we have them around the White House and countless upscale communities? The rich and powerful want to ensure they are safe, so why not everyday Americans! If you drop an ounce of poison in a gallon of liquid it infects the entire amount. Same principle.

And what about this ‘free, free, free ideal’ that is so often thrown around. The old saying ‘nothing is for free’ applies. If it’s free for someone, than another someone is paying for it. If college is free who’s going to pay for the teachers, administration, and day to day workers? If health care is free than who’s going to pay the doctors and nurses? You don’t want big government overseeing these two entities. They can’t even run the country properly.

Perhaps we can do better on controlling costs, but free is not the answer. We need to rein in the cost of pharmaceuticals and other inflated charges, but free is not the end result. Capitalism while not perfect, is the best form of government by far. Capitalism has created industry, and industry creates jobs. We have seen how communism and socialism have destroyed people and countries around the world. The government cannot be how we exist. Politicians work for us, we are not beholden, nor should be dependent on them.

The Devil is the greatest marketer since the beginning of time. After being ousted from Heaven, the Devil and his angels have been busy, doing their best to turn people away from God. In the modern era (20th & 21st centuries), the Devil has been busy using politics, business, the news media, magazines, entertainment media, video games, and more recently social media to suppress moral and conservative views.

The Devil is doing everything in his power to separate us from God, making us more angry and indignant along the way. The Devil wants to break down the family unit, and cause division on every level in society.

Ephesians 6:12 describes it best, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” What is the Apostle Paul is trying to simply convey in Ephesians, we struggle against spiritual battles, rather than physical battles. The Devil is very subtle and uses attractiveness to gently lure us into his web of lies and hatred.

We’ve become numb to humanity and civility in America. We have let a small sector of society dictate how we react and treat one another. Often we follow anyone with the biggest bullhorn, much like the Pied Piper effect. In America we are drawn to power, wealth, influence, position, and celebrity. They are the very disguises the Devil uses to lure us away from God, hoping our attraction will cause division among the masses.

True Christians know God is in control. It doesn’t matter who is in the Oval Office, or the state house. Government was never designed or instituted to take care of us, rather it was set in place to provide simple rules and regulations to benefit and protect us. The local church and your community should be the body that helps feed, cloth, and shelter us. No one should be solely dependent on the government.

We live in polarizing times. Identity politics is akin to racism. If you hate your fellow man because he voted for a democrat or a republican, than you’re a racist. There are those that do, and thankfully that is a small minority. Most Americans want to get up everyday, go to school, go to work, and come home, and be decent people in the community they live in. They have no hidden agendas.

We need to wake up and embrace one another in this country before we become the Divided States of America. Stop letting the social media trolls (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ie) and the mainstream media dictate how you think and act. It’s dangerous. Don’t let CNN and Fox News be your only source of information.

Stop letting Hollywood and Washington DC initiate the conversation. Many celebrities, pop icons, social media influencers and politicians don’t have all the answers, or even your best interest at heart. Just because we have different views, doesn’t mean we can’t get along or be kind to each other. Think for yourself. Try rationalized thought!

We have real problems here in the United States of America. We need to rally behind our first responders, most of them are working hard to keep their communities safe. We need to rally behind our military. Like first responders, they put their lives on the line to defend and protect our nation against factions that don’t care about us or what America stands for.

We need to care for the homeless, our veterans, and be more mindful of the elderly. And more importantly, we need to stop blaming everything on racism. Yes racism exists, but not every issue has to do with race.

Sadly we are all racist in some small way, shape or form. But those who wear racism on their sleeves and act on it, they need to be dealt with. They are a cancer to humanity and while they don’t realize it, they are driven by the great deceiver, the Devil himself.

Just because you voted for one political party over another, or subscribe to different ideologies, that doesn’t make you a racist, or a member of a cult. Whether you’re black, white, Asian, Hispanic, native American, gay, straight, religious, or atheist, we should all be afforded basic civil liberties. We need to treat one another with dignity and respect. I encourage readers to check out 1st Timothy for more on basic humanitarian advice.

Those of us who are Christian and believe in the Bible, fully understand God has everything laid out. He instructs us how to live, how to act accordingly, and He has His master plan written down. God is not trying to confuse us, but allows us every opportunity to live for Him, with the gift of eternal life as a reward. While civil liberties may be a benchmark for society, God will judge us according to our sinful nature.

There are over 300 million people living in the United States of America, and while we differ on politics and religion, most of us are hard working decent people. Most Americans want to live peaceably with their neighbors. The haters, (the far left and the far right), those who riot and destroy, they need to be dealt with.

I besiege everyone to take stock of their lives. Don’t be fooled by the media, Hollywood, Washington DC, or angry mobs. Don’t follow just because it’s cool. The person with the biggest bullhorn may be leading you down the wrong path. Politicians, celebrities, and mega-rich tech companies do not have all the answers, and often may lead you astray.

Finally I remind everyone that governments whether they be national, state, or local were never instituted to totally take care of us. That responsibility lies within the local church, your family, and your community. We should never become totally dependent on the government. In the United States, government has become to big, to over-reaching, and way out of control.

Take a step back, pause for a moment, and really see what’s happening around you. If we don’t stop the hatred and stop the malicious activity unfolding on our streets, than we will become the Divided States of America. We all share the same space, and we are all made in the Creator’s image. I pray God will rescue us from ourselves.


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