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Quintin’s Close-Ups: The Village of South Carolina CEO Denise Tolbert



Quintin Washington of Quintin’s Close-Ups recently spoke with Denise Tolbert, a Charleston native and resident who wants to build a 50,000-square feet building to house the homeless. You can see the interview below.

After you watch, be sure to check out Washington’s other interviews here.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lasonia Gallashaw

    November 24, 2021 at 7:51 pm

    Ask Ms Tolbert why did she take an elder woman off the porch where she lived and put her on Facebook pretending to finding out where she lived and when family members contacted her to see how to get the elder back, she hung up the phone and took the announcement down. She never called the authorities to report the so called senior she found wandering so that the authorities could get her back to her family. She kept the senior and took her to the bank the next day to draw her money out of the bank.I have pictures of the post she put on Facebook book about the senior,as well as, a picture with the senior at her bank. So, she works at a shelter. When she stole that senior off the porch from her family and refused to give her back to her family. The senior is suffering from early dementia. She made the senior sign papers removing her daughter where she was staying,from being her representative, and appointed herself the senior’s representative. We wondered how it was so easy for her to get my mom’s credentials. So, she’s a CEO, it would be a big mistake to help her. She took my mom the next day to get credentials and then she took her to the bank and cleaned her bank account out. Social worker from Medicaid called her daughter to inform her that Ms Tolbert took all her mom’s money out of the bank. She put the senior in the John’s island acute care facility. Her daughter accidentally found out where her mom was because the facility needed information that she didn’t have a clue about. They asked the senior for her daughters phone number, and she gave them her actual daughter’s number.A Roscoe from the facility called the real daughter. That’s when she found out where her mom was. The daughter called the facility to inform them that her mom had an appointment with a bone density doctor because she falls along. When the daughter went to pick her mom up for her appointment, they called Ms Tolbert who told them not to let her take her mom anywhere. On top of that the day she was placed in that facility she fell and hurt her head. The next day her daughter came to pick her up for her appointment, her mother shared that she had fallen the night before and she fell back and hurt her head just before her daughter came to pick her up. Her mom told her she hit her head so hard her eyes were hurting. The daughter asked if they could give her something for the pain. They told her she had no authority. She asked them if they at least had a doctor to look at her, they she she didn’t want to go. I told them when there’s a fall pertaining to a senior, you don’t ask if she wants to go, you automatically take them. When we went back to her room,to get her new driver’s license and social security card, they weren’t there. Ms Tolbert is walking around with my mom’s personal information. And will use it next month to withdraw my mom’s money out of the bank again next month. She deserves to be incarcerated. There will also be charges filed against her. She took my mom. Her daughter found out that she lived in the same complex. She checked with the staff at the Appian Way apartment, who said it’s no wonder she moved so fast. This lady is causing the family misery. It’s Thanksgiving and mom won’t be there. Please don’t empower this lady she’s a fraud. I wish I knew how to send pictures. I’d send the picture she post about the lost senior and the picture of the senior the next day in the bank.

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