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The best Beach Movies you can Watch Right Now



Are you spending your long weekend land-locked? Or are you in lockdown due to the current global pandemic? Well, whatever the reason that is hindering you from going out, you can still have some good time indoors. You have various sources of entertainment, from online casino games to the best movie collection, a lot to indulge actually.

Staying indoors can make you miss many things, and one of them is going to the beach and having some fun with the water waves. Well, if that’s not happening for you, then you can indulge in some good beach movies available right now.

Blue Crash

The movie can actually be in the category of classic movies. The 2002 surfer flick put Kate Bosworth on the limelight. This movie actually give a complete emphasis of #summergoals. The movie gives girls around the world a chance to show off their summer bodies and station their beach babe. Kate starred as Anne Marie, a Hawaii based hotel maid who has aspirations of becoming one of the best pro surfers. All this was put on hold after a near death incident in the water.

The Beach

An exciting movie of a shirtless young Leo, this movie shows the success of the Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio starred in this adventurous movie in search of a world traveller named Richard in the 2000 drama. This movie comes with humanity and will offer you the biggest chance to have the feel of the beach whilst you are home playing online pokies.

The good news is that you can watch the movie on the popular and reliable live streaming service and have a good time. The aim right now is to protect your health, and the only way you can avoid that is by staying home without thinking much about going to the beach.

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