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What To Keep In Mind While Renting On Your Travels In Michigan



I would love to say that COVID-19 is ending with 2020, but signs indicate we’re stuck with it for at least the next few months. Any plans you may have made at the beginning of this year may still be impossible at the beginning of the next. However, we are learning to live around it.

For most of the year, international travel has been impossible while local travel has been risky. But now, if you are planning on traveling within Michigan, there are ways to do so safely. By using online booking services, visiting outdoor attractions, and self-catering, you can enjoy Michigan’s famous sights without fear of infection.

Chances are you’ll be renting while you travel, either through Airbnb,, or straight from the property owner. If you don’t have extensive experience renting, or are renting in Michigan for the first time, there are some things to keep in mind.

Rental prices in Michigan

The good news about renting in Michigan is that the average price of rent is cheaper than in most of the US. If you’re coming from outside of the state, this means you’re likely going to have more money available to do activities and visit landmarks.

There is a common conception that COVID-19 has forced rent prices down. This assumption makes sense, based on the fact that people cannot afford what they once could and new tenants (especially travelers) have been few and far between.

However, while this is indeed true in big cities like New York and San Francisco, where rent is usually exorbitant, this is not the case in most smaller cities. In states like Michigan, where rent is already cheap, prices have remained stable or even risen slightly.

So, while there is nothing wrong with looking for bargains, don’t negotiate too much based on the presumption that the property owner will be desperate for your residence.

Michigan renters insurance

Every property owner has insurance on their home and the possessions contained within. Many renters have no insurance on their possessions at all. This is a very precarious way of living, as a catastrophe that sees you lose expensive items that you desperately need can leave you destitute. Even worse is if you cause accidental damage to someone else’s property or person. They may claim huge amounts for repairs or medical bills.

This is why renters insurance is so important in Michigan. While the state is not known for natural disasters, something can always go wrong, whether it is flooding or a fire caused by an electrical fault.

Renters insurance will pay you out for loss or damage to possessions, and can include personal liability as well. To find out more about Michigan renters insurance, view this. It can protect you from life-changing financial collapse.

Have a plan B

Renting always comes with some level of uncertainty. There are provisions to protect you in your lease, but the property owner can choose not to renew your lease or find reasons to kick you out if they desperately need their property back.

These uncertainties have skyrocketed in the time of COVID. Millions of people have lost their jobs. Millions of people are struggling just to make ends meet. And this financial uncertainty impacts renters.

Let’s say, for instance, that your landlord lives in New York and can no longer afford rent there. They may need to come back to Michigan and live on the property they own. Alternatively, they may want to sell the property. You can also look to New Jersey for paterson apartments for rent.

Similarly, if they have lost their job and can only find one back in Michigan, they may return and need a place to live.

This does not need to be a catastrophe. It can be heartbreaking to give up a rental that you have fallen in love with, but especially if you are planning on traveling anyway, finding a new rental is always an option.

This is not to say that you should live with one foot out the door. However, know that these unprecedented times have led to tremendous instability.

Renting in Michigan while traveling is a great idea. As long as you go about it smartly and protect yourself against unexpected catastrophe, you will enjoy your time in this incredible state.

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