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7 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic by 110%



Are you frustrated and stressed by low blog traffic? Fret not. You are not alone, and you can still turn things around for the better.

Nothing comes easy in life, and there is no magic formula to attracting more people to your blog. The good news? There are ways to increase your blog traffic by 110%.

Here are seven great strategies that will guide you to increase your blog traffic. Have a look:

  1. Promote with Social Media

Social media is one of the best strategies to increase your online presence. You can take the same route and use your presence on social media platforms to promote your blog.

Everybody is using social media these days, and you should take this opportunity to connect with as many users as possible. Let active users on different social media platforms know more about your blog.

If you are already active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or have a Google+ or Pinterest account, go on and share each new blog post. If you are not active on social media, you are missing a lot. Open an account today. It’s easy and simple, and your followers and admirers will never miss a post.

  1. Write Better Titles

As a blogger, you know the importance of creating catchy and overpoweringly awesome titles. The title you come up with is what captures the attention and interest of your blog visitors.

Many blog visitors will not even read or look at your blog’s first paragraph if the title is shabby. Experiment with different titles on a specific topic and pick the best. A well-written title will work best.

Many people will share your blog post on social media if the title is irresistibly likable. Many will feel the post is worth reading, thanks to the attention-grabbing headline.

  1. Include Photos

Even with the best titles and well-structured content, adding photos to your blog will generate interest in your posts. Images help support your content and whatever you are sharing on the post.

People like to see pictures, and adding photos to your blog posts will quickly introduce your message. The images you include in a post will convey an emotional connection to your readers. If the pictures are fantastic, they will, without a doubt, make your blog memorable.

You can share your images focused blog on social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. They are a great way to give your blog a boost.

  1. Add Subtitles to Video

If you plan to use videos in your blogs, don’t have second thoughts about adding subtitles. Transcribing and adding captions is an excellent way to appeal to your readers. Video transcription will improve the comprehension of your posts.

Video files will provide your readers a complete video experience. You can go on and transcribe all your audio files to text. But, how do you do it?

Audext is an advanced automatic transcribing software you can trust. It makes it easy to convert your audio to text. The audio file formats you use should not be a problem. Using Audext, it’s easy to transcribe MP3, WAV, M4A, and others.

You will also provide those who come across your blog posts a better learning opportunity. Your readers or followers will have a “video day” that also features well-transcribed content. If your followers share these well-crafted videos on social media, they will do wonders, thanks to the subtitles you added.

  1. Incorporate keywords

Keywords will benefit your search for the right traffic by 110%. Right keywords will let search engines know what your blog post covers.

Don’t use too many keywords as you don’t want your content to read clumsily. Remember, people use keywords to look for your content online. Use at least one of the suitable keywords on the title.

  1. Add Social Sharing Buttons

As a tech-savvy blogger, you won’t be doing your blog justice if you don’t add social sharing buttons. They are the best way to increase traffic to your struggling blog.

Many people wish to share awesome content they come across online. If you add the easy to use and quite effective share buttons, you will give your target audience or readers an easy way to share this content.

Share buttons also improve readers’ experience, and you will gain more natural links if they keep sharing your content. This will increase your blog traffic and the joy of making such an investment.

  1. Invest in Promotion

Your blog should target the right traffic all the time. The best way to do so is to invest in promotion. You can promote your blog on social media by letting your followers know more about your blog.

Google AdWords is a great tool you can rely on and promote your blog on search engines. Feel free to place ads in front of people you know, like your friends and followers on Facebook. In essence, use the resources available that can help promote your blog and gain more traffic.

To Sum Up

It should not be daunting to increase traffic to your blog if you know where to start. Use practical strategies that can do wonders. Feel free to rely on social media, double-check your keywords, and use an advanced tool like Audext to provide quality content.

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