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Ten features of a cultural essay



A cultural essay should have all that deals with culture of the essay topic. Culture is a topic that actually highlights the beauty of people as it deals with everything basically with their way of life. Writing a cultural essay is really interesting but wouldn’t be perfect without a proper research on the topic at hand. The research helps one as a writer to avoid misinformation and capture all that is within the topic and if this isn’t possible, then to buy an essay at may be your get away plan.

When writing a cultural essay the following should be considered and if they are well researched and written it would be a perfect essay

  • The language

The basic means of communication of a people is their language. With over 7000 spoken languages in the world , Though globally English seems to be spoken almost everywhere. There is no denying that there are loads of languages by different people and some have been lost with civilization while some are on the verge of extinction. For the year 2020, English remained the most spoken language, followed by Mandarin Chinese and Hindi coming second and third respectively. When writing a cultural essay, the  language of the people shouldn’t be left out as we see most often when we read essays about some resorts around the world because as a writer you are pretty much the eyes of your readers.

  • Custom and traditions

This in all honesty shows the way of life of a people. It is so broad it handles basically all the questions that may arise about the people,their customs and traditions.

  • The law

The laws of the land and how they are carried out. Some cultures whip people who steal , some are banished , others get imprisonment and so on.

  • What they eat

Sometimes we may be on a trip or watch on TV as some people eat some dishes we wouldn’t attempt for a million dollars but that’s the beauty of culture. The uniqueness and the best is never to judge but to enjoy the once you can. I feel the saying ” One man’s food is another man’s poison” explains this perfectly.

  • What they wear

Some people wouldn’t still believe that some part of the earth people dress in half-naked. In their traditional attires the way a European man dresses would surely differ from an African man though you may most likely see them in tee-shirts and trousers these days.

  • Their way of life

Sometimes people would think this is outright stereotyping of persons based on their cultural background. When writing an essay , don’t be surprised to see this and including it makes the essay have better presentation. Here is an example which we see mostly in movies where the American attitude is the life of maybe parties, flashy cars and so on. For the Russians would be the no nonsense attitude, For the Chinese or Japanese the kamikaze attitude for the country , it goes on and on which could make a cultural essay beautiful.

  • Religion

It is very difficult to see a culture without religion. For instance, India is one of the most diverse countries in the world with up to 800 gods and goddesses and a good number of worshippers .

The religion sometimes affects even how a country or region behaves on international matters , sometimes who it chooses as allies. For an essay that handles religion it would require a lot of research especially if one isn’t of such faith and one may have to look for professional help offered buy essay and be sure to have quality essays.

  • Social classes

When dealing with cultural essays one may come across the social classes of the people. In India there are castes of which people are ranked based on their ancestors, in the Eastern part of Nigeria there are the “Osu” which means outcasts. In Japanese history the Samurais which we praise so much these days were from a low class. Though with civilization liberating most people, omitting such facts would make the essay seem incomplete.

  • Government systems

The government system matters a lot as they make laws and help maintain order. A cultural essay may include this too though if it boils down to the topic at hand. The system of government would involve how the government is arranged. Some countries still run monarchy , some have chosen democracy, some run military and so on. Examples would be The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , United states of America and North Korea respectively.

  • Arts

Art surely is always intriguing and fascinating to watch and read. The Asian have had so much recognition for their form of martial arts that has found its way into the movies we see often. Some countries have also imbibed martial arts into their military training. One may wonder why it is a form of art but looking at it closes it looks like a dance at least a friendly match and is mostly for self defence. Though all over the world, art varies and is always unique to certain individuals.

Cultural essays may involve at least one if not all of these features , sometimes we may struggle to get quality cultural essays out because of maybe our cultural background so if there is a need to get one be sure to check out they can handle this for anyone faced with this.

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