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Local Author Releases Spiritual Autobiography on Dating & Relationships



Press Release

Published author Dr. Arlecia Simmons starts 2021 with the release of her second book, “Diggin’ for Intimacy: Sex, Sensuality, and loving God,” on Tuesday, February 9th, 2021, on Amazon in eBook and paperback formats. “Diggin’ for Intimacy: Sex, Sensuality, and Loving God” invites readers to journey alongside the writer as they explore their own beliefs about intimacy and sexuality. 

“Readers are going to be taken on a literary adventure as they navigate this spiritual autobiography that shares a story we don’t often see women publicly sharing,” said Simmons. “I say it’s the book church girls didn’t know they needed because it explores issues that don’t get discussed in religious homes or churches. We just had to figure it out, and for many, it ends in some not-so-great outcomes.”

As an ordained minister whose first profession was in print journalism, Simmons recognizes the powers of storytelling and invites students to chronicle their own experiences by ending each chapter with three reflection questions.

“Readers will be able to dig into their past challenges with relationships and reflect on God’s presence during various moments in their lives,” Simmons said.

The idea for the book has been in the making for a minute. In 2007, Dr. Arlecia was invited to pitch a similar to an imprint of a major publisher,  but the concept wasn’t a good fit or one they thought they could market.

“In a way, I’m glad this process was delayed,” Simmons explained. “That opportunity would have allowed me to write a very safe and “sanitized” book that probably would have done well. However, this is the riskier and more transparent book needed at this time. Confronting death is more palpable each day, and readers don’t have time to navigate fluff.”

Dr. Arlecia Simmons

The book invites women, especially those who are Christian and unmarried,  to engage in a conversation about sex that many haven’t been able to have because of shame and expected judgment. But regardless of how hesitant a reader may feel, Simmons guarantees you won’t be disappointed with what you find.

In this sophomore book release, Simmons partners with Jamaican-born artist Nastasia Reid for the cover illustration. Reid and Simmons are both graduates of the University of Iowa. The author has also earned journalism degrees from Winthrop University and the University of South Carolina; she earned a Master of Divinity degree from Duke University Divinity School.

Simmons is available to lead small and large digital group discussions using the book and looks forward to the day when she can travel to facilitate workshops for churches and organizations. For more information on “Diggin’ for Intimacy,” and Dr. Arlecia’s expertise, visit

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