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Advanced Tips You Should Learn Before Betting on Horse Racing



As a horse bettor who is gradually becoming more accustomed and experienced in horse betting, you will want to go to the next level. By the next level, we mean learning the more complicated betting strategies available. This is because, of course, you want to win more with the money you put in and don’t want to stay ignorant of the things that can give you a better chance with your bets.

These tips would require you to invest a lot of time and effort to perfectly execute these strategies for a casual bettor. However, if you’re serious enough, it’s time to do it. Here are some advanced tips you need to know for your next trip to the stadium.

Inspect the Form Guides Thoroughly

Thousands of people are betting on horse racing almost every day, yet only a small percentage of them do their research by looking and learning how to read and take advantage of what’s shown in the form guides. The form guides are a gold mine of information that even just a glance can give you a higher chance of winning a bet.

Form guides, more commonly known as racing forms, contain a lot of information about a race, including the horses participating, their respective jockeys, etc. Of course, it won’t tell you which horse you should bet on, but the information written on it is more than enough to make an educated guess on which horse is the best pick.

One of the first things you should know about the race is its background. This includes the time and date, location of the race, the distance, etc. It even lists the requirements needed to participate in the race and the race’s classification. However, one of the most important things that the form guides don’t include is the type of track the race will use. Remember that the track surface is one of the biggest factors of a horse’s race performance.

Take Advantage of Major Winning Run of a Horse’s Past Race

A horse who has done extremely well in their past event, like finishing it with four or more lengths ahead of all horses, tends to awaken a huge boost of energy in its next few races and can even surpass its previous solid performances.

This is an advantageous betting angle if you know this information. You can watch videos of a horse’s previous performances on the internet too, which makes it easier to research.

Know of the Surface Switch

Like human athletes, horses also have their preferences in where they want to perform. If the event location is not suitable for the horse, it tends to not perform well and can even finish last. That said, horses have preferences in the type of track they want to run on.

There are three types of track surfaces, which are dirt, synthetic, and turf. Turf and dirt have been used in horse racing for the longest time now, but synthetic is fairly new. There’s only little data on how a synthetic race track can affect a horse’s performance. However, some horses prefer running on synthetic tracks.

So what is a surface switch? A surface switch happens when a horse stops racing on a certain type of track surface and begins running on another. With this information and the form guides, you can tell a horse’s preferences on the track surface.

Vary Your Bets

As a bettor, you need to have a realistic mindset when making your bets. Not all of your bets will win, and with that said, you can look for an opportunity to vary your bets with better odds. For example, let’s say that you are most confident that #5 will win the fourth race.

You can bet on it to win and make another bet, but this time, you will have to pair that horse with other contenders, making them either exacta or trifecta. Place and show bets are also good bets, but their return rate is low, making them not worth it to bet on most of the time, especially if you want to win a decent payout.

Shop Odds

Shopping your odds is pretty much a key strategy in all forms of sports betting, not just horse racing. However, you can’t shop your odds with pari-mutuel betting since you can’t control the betting pool. But if you’re looking for fixed odds, you might as well get the most profitable odds for your bets. Shopping the odds might not seem significant at first since you would only get a few dollars here and there, but it will save you a ton of money in the long run.


Like any other sport, there’s no way for someone to accurately predict a game’s outcome consistently. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do everything in your power to give yourself a better chance of winning. By doing enough research and a little bit of luck, you might make it big the next time you bet on horse racing.

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