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A Beginner’s Guide to Packaging Food with the Right Tape



Handling any food items is quite a sensitive activity. You could easily get into trouble if you fail to handle this activity with care from legal suits. You need to observe the highest level of hygiene when packaging to avoid any chances of contamination. Contamination can easily occur when wrapping food. If you fail to wrap properly, microorganisms will find their way into the foodstuff making it unsuitable for human consumption. You should ensure that you always use the right tape to securely wrap your food. Food packaging with ptfe tape is one of the most effective ways of wrapping without leaving any chances of the food getting exposed to germs. Here are a few other ways that can assist you package food the right way.

Ensure You Have Clean Wraps

If you are packing meat of any kind, you should make sure that you have the correct wraps. Meat wraps should be nylon to keep air out of the packaging. Keeping the air out ensures that your meat stays longer without going bad, and maintains its texture and taste for a longer time. It is also advisable that these wraps be stretchable to allow you to pull them easily and have enough layers to completely cover the food in question.

If you cannot afford the stretchable plastic wrap, you can consider getting the much cheaper butcher paper. You find this paper in rolls that you can easily unwrap while packing. These papers give the food or meat a neutral PH. They are ideal for short-term storage preferably for end-users.

Packaging Seafood

Packaging seafood is a bit different from packaging normal meat. With seafood, you should freeze the foods using a food processor. This processor changes the atmosphere or the environment of the foods to slow their spoilage. You can use carbon dioxide which is a prevalent inert gas to conserve seafood. This gas increases the shelf life of seafood almost 3 to 4 times more than it would normally last. You need to flash all the oxygen out using carbon dioxide and then properly seal the package with the right tape.

Packaging Poultry

Like fish or seafood, poultry is highly perishable since it supports the growth of microorganisms. Like seafood packaging, you should use modified packaging in which you flash out oxygen and incorporate carbon dioxide to slow down the aging process. However, with poultry, you should incorporate lower levels of oxygen as compared to seafood. You should use about 20% less carbon dioxide with poultry as the amount you use on seafood.

Keep it Simple

Apart from safety, there is the issue of marketing and increasing your sales. When packaging food products, try and keep the packaging as simple as possible. Avoid a lot of literature on your packaging to ensure that your target clients see only that which is required. Have fewer colors and fewer words. Customers are more likely to pick products that are less complicated since they do not have to struggle to understand what the literature is all about.

Packaging in Compostable Bags

When you pack your food in compostable bags, they are more likely to attract clients. The trend these days is to buy stuff that is packed in compostable bags. Going green has been the forbearing theme in the 21st century, hence the need to create an impression synonymous with the theme in your packaging. You will have more sales if you create an impression of being environmentally friendly or if you are truly environmentally friendly. Ensure, therefore that you make sustainability part of your packaging brand message.

Functionality in Your Packaging

Try and be more creative with your packaging to encourage consumers. You can have your packaging turn into a tray that one can use when eating the food or have a packaging that can easily seal again if the consumer is not using up everything packed. You can also design your packaging to incorporate a pouring mechanism that does not spill the content. These designs depend on the food that you are packaging. Most importantly, ensure that your consumers can easily carry your product as packed.


Convenience is an important factor to consider when packing foods. Consumers want packaging they can open easily, especially if it is food that they need to consume on the go. They also need a pack that they can re-close if they need to. Just ensure that the packaging is convenient depending on the food in question.


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