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What Your Rooms Say About You



The style and décor of your home speak volumes about your personality because they reflect your taste and sense of style. The idea of decorating your home can be both exciting and daunting. Making your home attractive and functional is something that every person needs, be it a small apartment or sprawling house. However, many people have dread the idea, assuming it will cost them a fortune.  It’s not necessary to make a huge investment to decorate your home; small changes can drastically enhance your house’s aesthetic appeal. Here’s what your rooms say about you.

Types of Rooms in Your Home

There are various types of rooms in your home, like bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. The furniture and colors should match the functionality and theme of the room.


Bedrooms are usually a place to relax and enjoy some peaceful time away from everything. You should select a color for your bedroom that creates positivity or tranquility. Light blues can help you to sleep better, while a bright focus wall can stimulate your creativity in the mornings.


The Kitchen: Your kitchen is all about functionality, so the furniture and storage options are often more important than colors. Installing new cabinets in the kitchen can create storage space that will keep the room neat and tidy while also modernizing the look.


The Bathroom: If you want to make your bathroom more appealing, pair your accessories with color. You can take advantage of accessories that brighten up the room, like a vase with flowers, decorative mirrors, decorative tiles, and ornate lighting fixtures with sconces, and then add some color that highlights those features or matches them.


Sitting Room: When you are decorating a room where people gather, look for bright colors that are going to engage people and stimulate conversation, such as a bright purple feature wall. For more functional sitting rooms, such as a home theater room, look for darker colors to set the mood.

Features That Speak About the Room

Colors play a big role in reflecting your mood, attitude, and personality. If you want to pick a design for your room, go for one that best reflects your general mood and personality. If you love black, then go ahead and paint your room black. This will not only make your room look neat, but also give it a sophisticated look. However, if you want to make it a little brighter, then try mixing different colors when designing your room. White is often the best option when picking a color for the walls of the bedroom; you can always use accents of different colors and metals to add depth and character to the space.


The room’s furniture should be of good quality because it acts as a focal point that instantly attracts the eye when you first walk into the room. No matter what kind of décor you like, décor specialists at Vision Bedding advise that you choose customized print fabrics for your home’s furniture to make sure it stands out. Good quality furniture must have great design and craftsmanship, long-term durability, and a reasonable price tag.


Your floors should be strong enough to support weight and endure the constant wear and tear. They also have to be kept clean to maintain that particular room’s hygiene. Ceramic tiles tend to be easy to maintain and clean. Make sure the flooring does not creak or squeak every time somebody walks over it by covering it with carpets or rugs.


The windows are one of the basic means of ventilation in your home, so they should be strong enough to resist impact damage. You can upgrade your windows with dual panes or double glazing windows Bristol to reduce heat loss and improve the room’s insulation. Most of the windows provide excellent light and ventilation, but each style can impact a room differently. Here are the most commonly installed windows in residential homes.

  • The casement window is the most popular for both residential and commercial use because it can easily fit in any room or building, and it can be used to create an outdoor vibe by adding a lattice or a wooden frame to the window’s sides.
  • The sash window is a tall and narrow window that is great for rooms designed in a vintage or rustic style.  It adds more privacy to the room than other types of windows.
  • The patio door window is great for your bedroom, living room, or any other room in your home. These windows give an elegant and airy look to any room and they add a more modern look to the space, especially if you install curtains on the glass windows.
  • The twin window is another type of window that can add a more unique look to any room if you want it to be a little bit different from other people’s bedrooms. This particular design provides excellent ventilation and easy electrical control where needed.

All these windows can be suitable for your home, but you should choose the one that best suits your décor and also helps you save energy.

What the Colour of Your Room Reveals About you

The color scheme of your home is a reflection of your personality. It reveals whether you are generally positive and cheerful, or if you have a soft exterior, calm demeanor, or are easily irritated by others. Here are the most popular colors and what each of them can say about you.


  • Red is a highly stimulating color, full of passion and high energy. A room with walls and accessories of this color may belong to an outgoing, extroverted person.
  • A room with a bright yellow tone usually reflects a cheerful and idealistic character.
  • Green often reflects a caring, peaceful, and understanding character. As the color of nature, green creates a balanced and peaceful environment.
  • Blue is also a cool, calm color. Those who decorate their rooms with this shade are usually quiet, intellectual, and easy-going people.
  • Brown is considered an earthy hue, so it is related to strength and safety. A room that uses a lot of brown may indicate a conservative figure with a balanced attitude.
  • Finally, white is a universal color that reflects purity and simplicity.

Properly chosen colors bring about a peaceful ambiance and a sense of comfort. Depending on the color, it can help relax your mind or enhance your productivity if you use the room as a workspace. This explains why offices tend to use calming colors like blues and greens, as they make people more productive, whereas other colors tend to dull the mind.


At the end of the day, home décor is all about personal taste; however, certain color schemes hold some emotional value. As mentioned above, your choice of furniture, fittings, and fabrics can reveal a lot about you. So, if you are thinking about redecorating your home, make sure that you not only choose the right colors but also match the furniture with the right color scheme.

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