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How Do Students See the Ending of Great Gatsby



The Great Gatsby is a novel by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was written in 1925 and the story is set in the Jazz Age on Long Island. There’s quite a lot to learn from the story. The characters are all brilliantly created and go amazingly with the plot. This story teaches that you should be very cautious with people you fall for and people you trust.

The entire novel is filled with many surprises, unforgettable characters, a thrilling protagonist, an unlikable antagonist, and a lot of mysteries. The ending, in particular, is one of the most memorable and thrilling parts of the book. The countless great gatsby essays, express an idea that the ending teaches readers to be very cautious with their life choices and people they trust. Students see the life path of Gatsby as a fascinating story and a cautionary tale at the same time. Analyzing free essays dedicated to the book by college students, we can see that many of them see Gatsby’s character as one who falls victim to his all-consuming love for a woman, who is shallow and can’t appreciate all the feelings the main character has for her.

The Main Plot of the Book

In order to understand Gatsby last line, everyone should first understand the motives of the characters’ behavior and everything that’s going on in their lives. Even though the story is narrated by a character known as Nick Carraway, he isn’t the protagonist in the novel. The protagonist is Jay Gatsby, hence the name of the book.

The story begins in 1922 with Nick Carraway. He is on his way to New York City in search of employment. His education in sales is what he hopes to rely on while looking for a job. At that time, Nick meets Jay, a man who has just inherited an opulent estate worth millions of dollars. Only later we found out that money he had were made not legally which adds a criminal element to the story. An interesting thing about Gatsby is that he often hosts very luxurious evening parties but has never been found attending one of them. Jay creates a mysterious aura around him where no one really knows who he is. But later the readers find out that all these parties were only to catch the attention of a woman who Jay Gatsby loved and wanted to see again.

The Meaning Behind the Great Gatsby

Knowing what type of person Jay Gatsby was, makes the book quite thrilling. The important message that students are able to get from the final pages of this book is to learn what America was like in that era. To learn about the American Dream by living through a brief part of Jay’s life, and to watch what his death brings at the very end of the book.

The rest of the story is far from uneventful. In Jay’s journey, you will meet plenty of characters who bring in new features to the book. Features such as romance, suspense, more thrill, and money are what make every page worth turning. Looking at what can happen to you when you have a lot of many made illegally may be a cautionary tale in your essay about business as it shows that criminal money is not worth it. The entire story is filled with exciting events, but the ending is something to give food for thought.

When it comes to both students and many more fans of great literature, the Great Gatsby definitely has a lot to show. The ending of Great Gatsby is something many love to discuss. Students, in particular, write entire essays on just the book’s last line.

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

The Great Gatsby results in a few deaths of main characters, including Jay Gatsby’s. Many who are looking for answers inside the book will probably be left with more questions. We are left to wonder why Gatsby died and why he falls victim to his love.


The Great Gatsby is a tragic story. We can’t deny this. The main character dies, unfortunately. But, it also leaves you with a lot to think about. Some see a tragic love story, some see how bad can everything end when people caught up in lies. And everyone can have a different opinion on the book. But that makes such a book a timeless masterpiece as we can find a lot to think about every time we read it.

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