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Water Luxuries in Miami



How often do we stumble upon photos of celebrities on Instagram, enjoying the sea life on a luxurious yacht, an appealing floaty? Is not “wow, I wish I could experience that too” the first thought that comes to our minds, yet we wave it off thinking it is probably too out of our reach. Well, how about, we tell you that it is completely within your reach, with an easy booking system and at an affordable rate! Read below to find out how.

Discover the Yacht Life

As winters go on, the anticipation for summers increase. Especially in the US, where we long for the warm sunbeams on our backs after getting tired of snuggling in our blankets. While the beaches remain the easiest option, why not go up a level and enjoy a luxury option where you can sit for a tan minus any interruption, or relax in a cozy room, both in the place, a Yacht. It is time to unleash the excitement, as you gear up to fill in your social feeds with lavish pictures from the yacht. Gather your friends and hop aboard with an affordable rent yacht Miami to make the upcoming summers the most memorable for you and your loved ones.

You may be wondering about the hype behind a Yacht when it is simply a boat roaming the sea. Well, it is far from a general boat. Here are the numerous other facilities it offers, making it 10 times more thrilling than a normal boating experience:

  • A private boat with a skilled crew to facilitate your friends and family.
  • Perfect for hosting parties, or business gatherings.
  • VIP catering services, top-notch cleanliness, and a splendid view.
  • A luxurious interior to satisfy you with utmost comfort if you wish to enjoy the waters while in bed.
  • Arrangements of food, beverages, and even a DJ and photographer to add spice to your parties.
  • Access to various other sea activities, e.g. scuba diving, jet ski, and snorkeling.

Renting a luxury Yacht


The steps to book your desirable summer activity are simple. If you wish to enjoy the Miami heat cruising the waters, here is what you need to finalize prior to booking your trip:

  1. Estimate the total number of people you wish to book for, so everyone enjoys a spacious ride.
  2. Choose what size of the boat fits your need the best.
  3. Choose amongst the different yacht services so you get respective crew and offers.

The cost usually depends on the package you create as per the above requirements, however, a general cost of a luxury yacht in Miami starts from around $2500, leading up to $7000.

Pontoon boat, the high-class floaty

If your summer dream is to not cruise around but to just float around water most comfortably and safely, a pontoon boat happens to be just what you need. In fact. It is one of the most desirable options for sunbathing, fishing, or admiring the waters in Miami. Check out more at

One can always admire the wonders of Mother Nature from sitting at the beach, but getting to admire it with your friends while enjoying a drink in hand has a different thrill to it. Why not add a pontoon ride to your summer bucket list, when it is offered at a great budget, allowing you to bring along a group of colleagues or family to relax at a comfortable, fully secure floating experience. Perhaps, for your next birthday, you could surprise your friends with a treat at a high-quality boat and create wonderful memories.

Renting a Pontoon boat

The booking process itself is the easy online method; however, they require you to know certain restrictions beforehand, such as:

  • Any rides after the fixed hours are $100 per hour.
  • People with heart problems or pregnant women are not allowed.
  • Children below 18 allowed only with a guardian.
  • Food and beverages not included in the price package.
  • In case of cancellation or rescheduling, inform the company 24 hours before your booked trip.

While you respect and adhere to our policies, we respect and prioritize your comfort and satisfaction. This is why we provide a professionally trained and licensed captain, ensuring the safety of the boat and safe running throughout your trip. Be it taking a round around, or heading to your desired spot, feel free to book yourself a ride that is guaranteed to spread a smile across your face!

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