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Golf Ball Marker Tokens – Are They A Collectible?



Golf is one of the most popular sports of all time. In fact, few years back, the richest athlete on the face of the earth was a golfer. It is a complex sport which requires a lot of skill. Similarly, you need the right equipment to play such sport.

Golf marker is one of the tools which you need to have in your golfing bag. Those who are associated with golf know what a golf marker is but a lay person may not. Therefore, it is essential know what is a golf ball marker?

Golf ball marker

Golf ball marker is essentially a minute object which is primarily utilized to flag or trace a position of any ball. This enables other golfing players to hit golf ball into the hole. If there is no marker on the course, then it may potentially be an obstruction for other players. Therefore, it is necessary to use a golf ball marker so that the course can easily be used by other players as well.

Some players commit the mistake to using any object as a marker. This is not a good idea. Rather, there specific markers which much be used. Personalized golf ball markers are available in the market as well.

It is imperative to invest in such equipment. It enables a smoother play of golf. It plays a very important role in golfing.

Golf ball marker tokens

Tokens are also used in place of golf ball markers. It serves the same purpose in the most effective manner. The ball’s placement can be marked easily using a token. These are frequently used by many golfing players.

A lot of experts pertaining to the golfing industry have tried to assess the history of marker tokens. However, they are unable to trace its exact history. As far as the industry knows, it first originated in the early 1940s. Golfers back in that time use marker tokens to mark the ball making the game easier for other players as well.

During the British times, there was a war relief tournament conducted wherein golfers from different countries participated. Such golfers used different marker tokens as well. A historic antique piece of marker token from that tournament is safely preserved. Furthermore, a piece from 1982 is also in possession of the USA. It was utilized by a golfer in the US Open which was played in the California.

Golf is a sport which is loved by thousands of individuals all across the globe. Therefore, golfers can be gifted marker tokens which they will love absolutely. There are many companies which manufacture these tokens. These are being sold by country clubs and gift shops. There are many businesses which prefer gifting marker tokens to their clients and employees as well. This indirectly helps in advertisement of their businesses.

Such businesses tend to print their logos on such tokens. On one side of the token, the business logo is printed while the other side is embossed with a theme which pertains to golf. These sorts of market tokens are found in many museums.

You can easily get a personalized marker token from the market. There are readily available now. You can head towards a golfing store and get a ready made golf ball marker token or get a customized option. Different themes can be printed on the tokens to make golf ball marker look attractive. Thus, it is will then not only serve effective functionality but also look aesthetic.

Are the old tokens collectibles?

As mentioned above, different golf ball marker tokens are founded from the past. Many golfers consider them as antique pieces and tend to collect them. These tokens are found in a wide variety of materials. This includes, silver, gold, brass, pewter, bronze, steel, aluminum and even plastic. Distinct kinds of metals are used for production of such tokens. Moreover, different shapes are found as well. This includes circle, square, hexagon, octagon, rectangle and triangle. You can personalize a shape of your preference. In fact, some plastic made marker tokens are also shaped as nail. It is pertinent to note that the marker tokens can be simple designs which businesses can use to advertise their services and products or have complex and sophisticated images on it.

These tokens were also known by different terminologies. For example, some termed it as clickers. Some even called them chits. Depending on the locality, these tokens were termed accordingly.

There is no doubt in the fact that these golf ball marker tokens are collectibles. Man golfer prefer collecting them as a hobby. Different pieces, whether old or new, can easily be found at golfing shops, gift shops, flea markets and coin shops. In fact, you can even find such golf ball marker tokens at online platforms. This includes places like eBay. A large variety of tokens can be found on online shopping channels. In fact, you can place orders to customize them according to your own needs and preferences.

There are many professional collectors who publish their own catalogs of collection. These collections are even recognized by professional manufacturers. There are hundreds of articles that you can find pertaining to golf marker collectibles.

You can get different styles when it comes to customized golf ball marker tokens. You can either get a standalone option or a magnetic option. Some options even come with divot tools. There are potential customizations that can be made according to what you want. If you are planning to gift these markers to your loved ones, then consider personalizing it according to what they love.

The bottom line

In a nutshell, it can be said that golf ball marker tokens are collectibles. In fact, it is a hobby of many people. Moreover, some people have collections worth thousands of dollars. This is due to the antiqueness it provides.

In any case, you should know about how golf ball markers work and why these marker tokens should be collected. This will help in collecting the right options.

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